Equestrian Shop Online’s mission is to provide their members access to the latest information about the most desireable, profssional premium gear and equipment for horse riders / equestrians. Saddles, boots or any horse equipment we review at Equestrian Shop Online offer a variety of formats for immediate delivery or shipment – from physical to digital shops.

Hi, I’m John Warner

John Warner - Founder and Author of Equestrian Shop Online

Hi, my name is John Warner and I am the founder and author at Equestrian Shop Online.

My passion for horseback riding has increased over the years, my love for this wonderful animal and everything around it has led me to the decision to build an informative website that contains information on all the worlds of riding, equipment, grooming and love for horses.

Join me on a fascinating journey and learn how to groom your horse, what equipment to buy, what are the pros and cons of your existing equipment, and how you can improve your horseriding skills.