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Best Jumping Saddles You’ll Want to Ride in

Jumping Saddle

There are almost as many different perspectives on what makes a good jumping saddle as there are riders who use them. We often hear that using a diversified and adaptable saddle is the best option. It would provide you the ability to do a broad variety of moves. Absolutely nothing could be far from the truth!

It’s not possible to find the greatest jump saddles exclusively on the internet, but it’s a fantastic place to start your search for one that fits and works for both you and your horse. 
With this investment, unlike the most of others, you must find a balance between buying the greatest one for you and getting the ideal fit for your horse.

If neither of you are happy with the outcome, chances are you will not score as many clean rounds as you could otherwise have achieved.

Starting from the time you decide to push yourself, you should invest in a saddle that provides both comfort and power. It should be tailored to your specific needs, as well as those of your horse.

Now let’s take a closer look at it!

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What are the advantages of these jumping saddles that have been specially designed?

Seats – As you are well aware, the seats are flat and deep in order to provide the rider with the most possible comfort. Riders may alter and adapt to varied riding positions with the help of these chairs.

Knee Rolls –  An influence on the rider’s sitting posture is caused by a horse leaping. In addition to providing a supporting block as the horse leaps, knee rolls are quite effective in giving a supportive block to the rider.

Flap Cuts – Riding horses is a very exhausting and difficult activity. It’s a difficult nut to crack. As a product of all those years of preparation! Flap cuts, on the other hand, aid in the controlling of the horse and the achievement of precise touch. The better the contact, the shorter is the flap.


  1. When purchasing a new saddle, always consult with a professional saddle fitter who has extensive expertise.
  2. Make certain that the saddle fitter returns to confirm that the saddle is properly fitted once it has been done.
  3. Look for a saddle that is constructed of high-quality leather. It will be both comfortable and fashionable, and it will enable you to perform at your peak. Keep in mind that lower-quality leather has a potential to be slippery.
  4. A saddle that is created with replaceable elements will give the most amount of comfort and flexibility for the horse while also providing the greatest amount of support and security for the rider.
  5. Purchasing a custom saddle can assist to guarantee that it is fitted by qualified professionals who are familiar with your horse’s requirements.
  6. When it comes to choosing a new show jumping saddle, there should be no room for compromising. In an ideal situation, the saddle should enhance your bond with the horse while also balancing comfort, style, and performance.
  7. The saddle flocking must constantly be given the utmost care. Correct flocking creates a cushioning effect that aids in the reduction of harm to the skin.
  8. In addition to being harsh and not adapting to the horse’s back, an overstuffed saddle may create pressure sores and sensitivity. It is also critical to utilize only pure wool in your project.
  9. Because of the huge pressures involved in a large horse getting off, reaching over a fence, and landing on the other side, the saddle must fit correctly and minimize the impact of jarring on the horse’s back.
  10. It’s usually a good idea to experiment with a variety of different saddle types before making your ultimate pic.

Here are some of the best jumping saddles on the market for you to add to your wish list…

Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle CAIR

Best Hunter Jumper Saddle Brand
Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle


This product provides a seat with supporting aids that ensure a proper and easy posture for regulated performance. This assures for a seamless transition from the outside thigh to the inner thigh, resulting in a pleasurable close contact feeling with your horse.

The Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle series has been engineered for precise performance and combines technological design and creativity to provide you with unmatched intimate touch, excellent balance, and stability on your horse.

As a result of the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and the CAIR Cushion System, your horse will perceive a change in this saddle and will have more access to flexibility of movement than before. With the Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle, you will enjoy comfort in the proper manner.


  • Adjustable Flexibloc System
  • Drop panel point
  • Ergonomic stirrup bars
  • Quilted panel points
  • Short triple girth points

Arena Jump Saddle

Jumping horse saddle
Arena Jump Saddle


The balanced and supporting seat on the flat and over the fences will be a wonderful addition to your training or competition routine, whether at your barn or in the ring.

In a saddle offered on Horse Saddle Shop which is constructed with great attention to detail, you will simply keep the precise posture while turning heads in a saddle that will suit your immaculate turnout.


  • Beautiful detail
  • Comfortable for you and your horse
  • European leather
  • Quality workmanship
  • Weighs approximately 13lbs