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Best of Barrel Saddle: High Horse Lindale

Best of Barrel Saddle: High Horse Lindale

In the sport of barrel races, riders sit in barrel saddles on their horses. If you are a rider who likes barrel races, this “Best of Barrel Saddle: High Horse Lindale” article might be just for you!

So, what are Barrel Saddles?

Barrel Saddles feature a large, comfortable seat that will hold the rider in place through those sharp and quick spins. In addition, they include an elevated horn. It provides a firmer grip and a high pommel that helps to keep the rider in place. The cantle of a barrel saddle is elevated, providing the rider with more protection as the horse turns. To prevent the horse from carrying an excessive amount of additional weight, barrel saddles are designed to be lighter and more compact.


Benefits of using Barrel Saddle: High Horse Lindale

The concept is that you can move at a quicker pace if you have less weight to carry. Having said the same, the length of the skirts is often quite a bit shorter, and the majority of the time, they have a rounded shape. In addition to it, they usually have in-skirt rigging. The primary functions of a barrel saddle are to be lightweight. Another is to ensure that the rider is securely in place on top of the saddle. You can rope out of a barrel saddle, but you can’t trail ride out of one. Barrels are great for trail riding. If you try to rope or pull anything out of the horn, it can’t withstand the stress and will shatter.

Measuring Seat Size of Barrel Saddle: High Horse Lindale

Measure the seat of the barrel saddle if you are unsure of its dimensions for the seat. A standard measuring tape will do just fine when measuring barrel racing saddles. What the endpoint of the measuring tape should be like? The position can be in the middle of the front of the saddle’s pommel, right below the horn.

Extend the tape so that it forms a straight line to the cantle. Should be where the middle of the back of the seat is. This metric estimates the length of the saddle’s seat. That is shown in inches corresponds to the saddle size that you have selected. For instance, the length of the saddle is referred to as having a 15-inch seat. That is if there is a distance of 15 inches. The distance should be between the pommel’s middle and the cantle’s middle.

The quality of saddle materials

When searching for a saddle, the kind of materials selected to manufacture the saddle is another essential aspect to consider. As a guide, you should always get the highest quality saddle your budget allows. A wide variety of leather is available to choose from when purchasing a saddle. A saddle of higher quality will have a greater likelihood of lasting for a more extended period, withstand more damage, and maintain a higher resale value.

As one of the top-quality Barrel Saddles: High Horse Lindale, we have chosen the High Horse Lindale Barrel Saddle. Below are some key specifications of this saddle.

High Horse Lindale Barrel Saddle


Because of its deep pocket and 5″ cantle, the Lindale barrel provides a seat that is both comfortable and secure. The cut of the skirt is designed to come into close touch beneath the rider’s leg. The chocolate colour leather has a rough finish and a hand-tooled border; it requires little maintenance. Copper and turquoise conchos are used as an accent on a chocolate suede colour seat that has been quilted using turquoise stitching. Rubber grips may be removed from the bottom of the aluminium stirrups.

Key Features:

  • Seat Size: 12″ 13″ 14″ 14.5″ 15″ 16″ 17″
  • Colour: Chocolate Roughout, Heavy Oil Roughout
  • Tooling: Border-Meander
  • Rigging: 7/8 In-skirt C
  • Tree: Regular, Wide, X-Wide (14inch to 17inch ONLY)
  • Cantle Height: 5″
  • Hardware: Royal Round
  • Swell Width: 12″
  • Horn Size: 3″ Neck, 2-1/4″ Cap
  • Skirt Size: 12-1/2″ Deep x 24-1/2″ Long
  • Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.

How much Do Barrel Saddles Weigh?

These saddles have to be designed such that the horse may move freely. It should still provide the rider with a safe and comfortable seat. They range from 25 to 35 pounds in weight.

In barrel racing, the horse races at full speed around a series of barrels while making very sharp bends. These types of saddles are designed to be as lightweight as possible. That is because the event will be timed.

Why Should Riders pay attention to saddle weight?

Because of the shorter saddle skirt, the horse can gain more movement around the barrels. The taller cantle provides the rider with a sense of confidence and prevents them from falling behind. In addition to its use in barrel racing, barrel saddles are also effective for various other timed equestrian competitions.

Fitting the saddle properly: does this significantly impact barrel racing time?

When saddles fit on a horse, they are part of the horse tack. It is the heaviest and, therefore, most substantial. That is the tree of the saddle. Every minute of progress is worth looking to win the race while trying to chase the clock, which many professional riders undertake.