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Best Saddle for Barrel Racing: What You Need to Know

Barrel Racing

When it comes to barrel racing, having the proper gear is crucial. Finding the correct saddle, on the other hand, may be difficult.

Thankfully, there are several excellent barrel racing saddles available. Circle Y, High Horse, American Saddlery, Reinsman, and Big Horn are some of the best brands to search for. To create winning saddles, these firms mix high-quality materials with expert crafting.

In this article, we gather all you need to know for picking your next best saddle for barrel racing.

So, What Are the Characteristics of a Good Barrel Racing Saddle?

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Barrel saddles are lightweight, with high cantles and large swells to improve your riding performance. They also feature a higher pommel and taller horns for improved grip. They’re made to suit both riders and horses securely during tight maneuvers.

A solid barrel racing saddle will provide you with stability and balance while you ride. They’re made of high-quality leather or synthetic leather that’ll endure a long time. These saddles include everything you’ll need to run your quickest time.

Brands of Barrel Saddles of the Highest Quality

Where can you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to barrel saddles? Take a peek at the high-end brands that professionals and amateurs alike utilize.

These top saddle shops above provide barrel racing saddles for purchase by leading saddlemakers, for performances, business, and leisure – secure shopping and free delivery.

How Barrel Racing Saddles Sport Has Changed Over Time?

Some of the origins of barrel racing may be traced back to ladies searching for a fun challenge while watching men’s roping, ranch, and rodeo competitions. What began as a simple hobby has developed into a highly specialized competition with several skill levels for both horses and riders, as well as substantial prize money and prizes. The sport of barrel racing is supported by a number of equestrian organizations, ranging from 4-H to WPRA.

As the demands of barrel racers changed throughout time, a specific style of saddle was designed to solve specific challenges and improve performance. Today’s barrel racing saddles are the result of these advancements.

Years of refinement have resulted in noticeable distinctions between current barrel racing saddles and saddles used in other riding disciplines. Today’s barrel racers and their equine companions make advantage of certain unique saddle elements that help them perform better and show off their abilities. Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or newbie competing in barrels or other gaming classes, you’re well aware that every second matters!

As you race the pattern against the time, small saddle adjustments may make a big impact in how you and your horse perform together.

Saddles for Barrel Racing Designed to Improve Seat and Balance

Barrel racing on a horse

The way the saddle aids keep the rider in their seat and supports them in retaining balance control — while yet giving the horse entire freedom of movement and remaining in harmony with the rider — is the second important area that saddle builders must pay careful attention to.

The horse reaches for the ground with his front legs and sets his inner pivot foot beneath his body to produce a good barrel turn. The horse must push outwardly in these seconds, resulting in an inwardly directed force at the ground and acceleration. We’re talking about true collaboration between human and horse athletes here.

This is facilitated by the barrel racing saddle being designed to situate the rider in the “pocket,” which is the deepest area of the saddle seat. This advantageous posture is aided in a number of ways:

  1. Two notable elements that help in posture and seat security are a somewhat high back or cantle and a fairly deep seat incorporated into the barrel saddle.
    Stirrup leathers aren’t as thick as they should be. The leathers have been thinned to allow for more unrestricted movement or “swing” of the rider’s legs.
  2. The stirrups are also hung forward to improve alignment and to allow the rider to ride in front of the horse’s movements rather than behind it.
  3. By employing various finishes on the seat and the jockey, barrel saddle producers also aid the competitor in staying on the saddle. The passenger is better “glued” to the saddle throughout the run when suede or rough-out covers are used. Some riders prefer a suede seat covering with padding for comfort and grip, while others favor just one rough-out design with no padding, which allows for a “closer ride” to the animal and therefore a greater “sense” for the horse.

    The rough-out design often gives a single piece of leather, resulting in no seams at the jockeys, in addition to a greater feel. Some riders prefer a cushioned suede seat with rough-out jockeys and fenders, which is a blend of the previous two alternatives.
  4. The saddle horn on most barrel racing saddles is particularly noticeable, being thinner and higher than a standard saddle horn. The horn is simple to grip during acceleration on straight lines, or to press against during a turn or quick halt, thanks to this configuration. This high-rise horn is also used by certain barrel racers to help them lock their arm into their hip during steep turns for increased stability.
  5. In conjunction with large swells on the saddle, the front end of the barrel saddle is frequently pushed rearward. This design allows a rider to secure their position by locking their thighs onto the front of the seat.

What Should You Look for in a Barrel Racing Saddle?

Whether it’s New or Old

Many riders prefer the fresh scent and smooth feel of new leather when purchasing a new barrel racing saddle. This also ensures that your saddle is in good working order, to begin with.

Others choose to look for decent used saddles since they may acquire a better one for a reduced price. The majority of second-hand saddles are on the market because the owner has stopped riding or the horse has outgrown it.

If you’re planning to buy a secondhand saddle, make sure to inspect it well and be wary of counterfeit items!

Leather or Synthetic

Leather saddle

The second question you must answer is if you choose lightweight synthetic or classic leather as a material.

The majority of low- and mid-priced saddles are constructed of synthetic cloth, which is rather decent for the price. Traditional leather saddles are more costly, but if properly cared for, they may endure for decades!

Barrel Saddles: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the finest saddle brand?

The barrel racing saddle market is rife with brand names, each of which is known for a certain aspect. Acerugs has the greatest economical saddles, Teskey’s has a variety of new and used items, and Billy Cook Saddlery has high-end things!

You may also look at other companies like Martin Saddlery, Dakota, Reinsman, Tex Tan, and others to discover which items you prefer!

A saddle used in barrel racing.

There are several pieces to a barrel racing saddle, and you should be aware of them all.

At the very least, you should be familiar with the essential components of a saddle, such as the saddle seat, cantle, skirt, billets, and pommel, in order to select the best saddle for you and your horse.

What is the best way to clean your racing saddle?

Cleaning a leather item is a difficult process. If you’re not sure how to clean it, we recommend having an expert teach you how: either your trainer or the business owner.

Using saddle soap combined with water and a soft sponge to carefully clean the cover is a straightforward task. Allow it to dry fully before applying the conditioner for improved upkeep.

Final Thoughts

Western saddles come in a variety of styles, including barrel racing saddles. They’re lightweight saddles with specifically built high cantles and broad swells to keep the rider safe while the horse performs well.

While riding, a nice barrel racing saddle will provide you with the optimum balance and comfort. Your horse would really be able to dash the quickest and turn the finest!

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