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Best Saddle For Wide Flat Backed Horse

Best Saddle For Wide Flat Backed Horse

The anatomical structure of a horse’s back is curved and consists of a peak and a trough. Because of this anatomy, the majority of saddles are curved as well; they are designed to suit the curvature of the horse’s back. On the other hand, there are certain horses who have flat backs, which makes it challenging to locate a saddle that will fit them well. A third form of occurrence is one in which a horse’s back seems to be broader than it typically would be. If you’re looking for the Best Saddle For Wide Flat Backed Horse, we suggest you keep reading this article.

Again, the majority of saddles are designed to accommodate the large range of horses that have backs that are generally typical. It would be necessary to take a number of precautions with horses that have broad backs. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the particular nuances that should be taken into account. In essence, we are going to instruct you on how to get the most appropriate saddle for a horse with a broad and flat back.


The manufacture of saddles has undergone a number of technological advancements in recent years, which has made this possibility a reality. There is a saddle available that will be a good fit for your horse no matter what sort of shape he has, if he really is sharp and athletic much like most Thoroughbreds or massive and stocky like many Haflingers and Fjords, and also if he is one of those in-between horse who is either still developing or has conformation that doesn’t follow the pattern of the typical horse.

The shape of the saddle

The tree is the starting point for saddle endurance. If the tree is shaped in such a way that it follows the curves of your horse’s back, the rest of the pieces will fall into place automatically. Because of this, you should begin your search for a saddle by gaining an in-depth understanding of tree form and how it is related to saddle fit.

Since its invention approximately 2,000 years ago, the fundamental design of the saddletree has not undergone significant transformations, except for some minor adjustments here and there. In point of fact, the modern saddletree is quite similar in appearance to the saddletrees used in ancient times. It consists of merely two strips of wood (or composite) joined by two arches, with a pommel or fork in the front and a cantle in the rear.

Keep in mind when choosing Saddle For Wide Flat Backed Horse

When going for a ride on your horse, it is very necessary to make use of the saddle, as this will provide the highest level of comfort and performance for your horse.The best option for broad, flat-backed horses is to get a saddle that has been made specifically for them.

Although the physical measures of each horse are unique to that horse, there are several proportions that are universal to all horses.  There are often two aspects of a saddle that work together to decide whether or not it will fit a particular horse. These include: The Width of the Gullet and The Angle of the Bar

Below are some of the best choices for Saddles on the market For Wide Flat Backed Horse

1. 16″ Big Horn Haflinger Cordura Saddle 295


Why is this Saddle worth having? Here are some key features it includes:

  • A large saddle that nonetheless maintains its light weight, designed specifically for large horses. That is the objective of this Big Horn cordura measuring 16 inches in width.
  • Built on Big Horn’s Wide Plus tree, which was created with a Haflinger in mind and has a single front stainless steel dee in 7/8 position, this saddle weighs in at only 20 pounds.
  • This saddle has a classic appearance thanks to its long, full skirt as well as the silver conchos and dees that are used to connect the saddle stings.

2. Big Horn Haflinger/Mutton Withered Short Back Horse Saddle


Why is this Saddle worth having? Here are some key features it includes:

  • This saddle from Big Horn is one that you should have a look at if you own a Haflinger. This saddle was built on a fiberglass-covered wood tree in Big Horn’s broad plus size, and it was conceived with the Haflinger in mind from the very beginning of the design process.
  • Cantle is 4″ in diameter, and the roughout measures 16″; seat is upholstered; double stainless steel The rigging is a dropped D, and the stirrups are leather-covered Visalias.
  • You are going to fall head over heels with the #2 brown finish with the barbed wire border and the silver conchos.

3. Big Horn “King of Mules” Cordura Mule Saddle


Why is this Saddle worth having? Here are some key features it includes:

  • As a business, Big Horn does an outstanding job of ensuring that there is a saddle available for any kind of horse, regardless of its size or form.
  • This brand-new design is known as a Flat Top-Line saddle, and its name accurately describes the kind of horse that should use it the most: horses with a level topline.
  • This saddle is best suited for you if your horse or mule has a straight, flat back and less-defined withers than the other option.
  • Mule owners have such a good attachment for this saddle that Big Horn affectionately refers to it as their “King of Mules” saddle.
  • It is constructed on a timber tree that has been wrapped with fiberglass and is made out of high-quality cordura produced by Big Horn. In addition to such things, it has swept-back swells, brass hardware, and a grain-out, cushioned seat.

Final Thoughts on Best Saddle For Wide Flat Backed Horse

Being a skilled equestrian is not a simple endeavor. There is a multitude of factors that you need to take into consideration, such as ensuring that your horse consumes a proper food and keeping an eye out for frequent ailments such as thrush and ulcers. It’s possible that finding the right saddle for your horse with a broad, flat back may simply make things more difficult for you. However, it is not a necessary occurrence. If your horse’s back has a girth that is roughly standard width, you will discover that many of the saddles on this list are acceptable for you to use.