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The Best Saddle Pads for High-Withered Horses in 2022

Best Saddle Pads for High-Withered Horses

When we talk about a horse having high withers, we imply that the hump that is produced where the shoulder blades meet in the middle of the back and the neck is much higher than usual. It may be challenging to locate a saddle that is an exact match for a horse that has high withers. This is because the withers may rub against the saddle, which may cause the animal to experience discomfort and may limit the horse’s ability to move freely. If you want to know more about Best Saddle Pads for High-Withered Horses, we suggest you keep reading!


Fitting the Saddle Pads for High-Withered Horses

Because of the high wither, it is not suggested to fit any kinds of saddle pads on the horse. It is possible for it to create unwanted motions, which may lead to pain.

Even while fitting a saddle properly on a horse with extremely high withers might be difficult, the performance benefits are worth it. Your horse will perform better than others if it has the capacity to take lengthy strides.

When purchasing a saddle and saddle pad for a horse with high withers, you should always look for high clearance options. This will guarantee that the pommel of the saddle is rather substantial. Because of its broad pommel, it provides more room to accommodate the wither and shoulder without causing an excessive amount of friction.

Here we are listing some of the Best Saddle Pads for your High-Withered Horses

Big Horn Tuffy Cutback Saddle Pad for High Withers 32″L x 32″D 7906


Why is this saddle pad good for your High-Withered Horse?

These Southwest Tuffy saddle pads by Big Horn are meant to fit your western saddle perfectly on a horse with a high wither, and they come in a variety of colors. The shape of the cutback helps to alleviate any pressure that may be exerted by a pad when it is placed on the withers. The pads have been constructed with a black bottom, a center made of strong felt, and leather wear leathers. It has a length and width of 32 inches.

Wool Blend Felt Contour Tucker Saddle Pads


Why is this saddle pad good for your High-Withered Horse?

Because Tucker is aware that not all horses have the same conformation, and because you want to provide your horse with the greatest possible fit so that it may experience maximum comfort, Tucker provides you with the alternatives you need to choose the saddle pad that is best suited to your horse’s construction. This Contour Wool Blend Felt saddle pad offers a total of four different customization possibilities.

You may go with a round or full contour form, and you can either take off the wither or trim back the rear. The curved design of the pad will fit perfectly along the topline of your horse, ensuring that it is in the most comfortable posture possible. The cut outs give pressure relief in the sensitive wither region, which is particularly beneficial for narrow-built horses with high withers.

Reinsman Contour Swayback Tacky Too Saddle Pad


Why is this saddle pad good for your High-Withered Horse?

The swayback of a horse was taken into consideration while designing this pad. If your horse has bridging over the back, the gap between the saddle and the back of the horse has to be filled in so that the pressure is evened out and the weight is redistributed.

Reinsman has created a pad that eliminates pressure areas by bridging the space that exists between the saddle and the swaying back. Particularly helpful for horses that gait and those who have high withers. The pad has a length and width of 30 inches each. Your horse’s skin will benefit from the antibacterial properties of the Tacky Too bottom, as well as the well-ventilated and non-slip surface it offers.

This pad will hold up well over time, it will be simple to clean, and it will provide an exceptional level of comfort for your horse. It does not tug on the horse’s hair or collect it, and it does not cause the horse to overheat or sweat. It alleviates back pain and prevents saddle roll from occurring. It has the sensation of being in close touch and may absorb trauma.

Final Thoughts

Saddling a horse that has high withers may be challenging because of the high angle that occurs between the tip of the horse’s withers and the point of its shoulders. This can make it difficult to get the saddle on the horse. This steep angle often leads to the production of an unfavorable layer of air in the area between the saddle and the horse, which may be quite uncomfortable for the rider and the horse.

By utilizing the suitable saddle pad, it is possible to create a nice cushion that lies between the saddle and the area that is located behind the shoulders. In addition to providing cushioning, the pad will also offer extra support. This is especially important when using a Western saddle that has a firm tree, since this is a common problem.

In conclusion, saddle pads that are created specifically for horses who have high withers often include supplementary materials that allow up space in the gullet area of the saddle without causing the pad to collapse on the withers.