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7 Best Western Saddle Pads for Trail Riding

Western Saddle pads for trail riding

Looking for the Best Western Saddle pads for trail Riding? Before you hit the trails, make sure you have all of the necessary gear, which includes a high-quality saddle pad. A saddle pad is placed between the horse and the saddle to help absorb the heat of the horse. Furthermore, it eliminates friction between the saddle and the horse’s hair and skin, which would normally cause discomfort to the animal during a long ride.

A relaxed horse is better competent and eager to execute his job, resulting in a more pleasurable experience for both of you. So, a western saddle pad is needed for trail riding to make riding comfortable for both the rider and horse. Check out our picks for the best western saddle pads for you and your loved steed!

Western saddles for trail riding - best sellers

1. Weaver Leather Western Gel Seat Pad, Black

If your biggest worry on the trail is shock absorption because of your lower backache. You should go for the Weaver gel-based shock-absorbing pad, which is highly recommended by my equestrian friends. Gel inserts in the pad absorb stress and reduce pressure spots. We appreciate the fact that Weaver is a well-known American company that has been producing high-quality horse equipment and pet items since 1973.


  • Shock absorber.
  • Suitable fit the majority of Western saddles.
  • The use of a gel insert can assist reduce pressure points.
  • Hand-washable, quick-drying, breathable, and heat-resistant.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎ 0.90kg
Brand nameWeaver Leather, LLC
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)13 x 0.5 x 24 inches

2. Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

This is an all-around fantastic saddle pad with a classic style. The wither relief notch on the curved spine fits nicely on your horse’s back and is reinforced with distressed leather for further support. Wool is sturdy and flexible, and it won’t slide around on your horse’s back. It is breathable, minimizing perspiration and keeping your horse cool during extended trail rides. The sturdy construction will last for years while lowering the risk of saddle sores.


  • Felt is made of wool.
  • Handcrafted in the United States.
  • Cotton canvas top with wool felt pad.
  • Wither relieving notch and contoured spine.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎2 Kilograms
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)33 x 17 x 4 inches

3. Reinsman Orthopedic Nitro Gel Felt Pad

The Reinsman Nitro Gel Orthopedic Pad is a high-performance orthotic pad. High-quality wool felt wicks moisture and absorbs stress while decreasing heat build-up under your saddle with this multifunctional pad. The addition of nitro gel inserts provides an additional layer of shock absorption, making this pad ideal for extended rides or rigorous training. The pad’s curved design relieves strain on the spine and withers, and the worn leathers ensure that it will last for years.


  • Shock Absorbing
  • Contoured Spine
  • Nitro Gel Inserts
  • Felt of Superior Quality.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎3 Kilograms
Brand nameReinsman
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)32″ x 32″ x 1″inches
ColorBone Wool.

4. Tough 1 Square Saddle Pad/Fleece Bottom

This pad is unique and appealing due to its mix of hospital-tested fleece lining, strong saddle pad felt middle and acrylic blend Sierra blanket top. Armguards are made of leather. Tough-1 wood saddle pads adhere to your horse’s shape for the greatest fit. Wool’s conforming characteristics allow you to perform less cinching, which improves your horse’s overall comfort. Natural wool wicks away moisture and dissipates heat, keeping your horse’s back cool.


  • Three thin thicknesses of insert foam are available.
  • The outer cover is suitable for usage all year. It wicks away moisture and is very breathable.
  • Lightweight.
  • For horses with sensitive skin, this product is hypoallergenic.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎2.61 Kilograms  
Brand name‎Tough 1  
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)20 x 12 x 4 inches  
ColorDark purple/black/Cream.  

5. Weaver Leather Wool Blend Felt Shim Pad

Three shim pockets on either side of the saddle pad include an ingenious design that allows you to change the shim arrangement to relieve pressure spots, improve saddle fit, or fill muscle deficit regions. The 3/8″ shock-absorbing EVA sport foam inserts make it simple to switch from a built-up pad to a bridge pad for numerous horses to solve saddle fit and confirmation difficulties. The easy-to-clean canvas top is paired with a high-performance wool mix felt lining that wicks moisture away from your horse’s body to keep him cool. Extras like a butterfly cutaway design for better leg contact, a leather curved spine that keeps the pad’s center fixed in place and elevated into the saddle gullet for better ventilation, and premium genuine leather wear leathers elevate this pad to new heights.


  • Three shim pockets are included.
  • The butterfly cutaway shape provides for the best leg contact possible.
  • Shock-absorbent EVA foam
  • The top is made of an easy-to-clean canvas with a moisture-wicking wool-felt inner.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎2.4 Kilograms
Brand name‎‎Weaver Leather
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)30.5 x 14.4 x 4.3 inches

6. Classic Equine BioFit Correction Felt Pad

The Classic Equine BioFit pad was created for horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blade. It prevents the front of the saddle from collapsing behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, improper saddle fit, or conformation. The BioFit corrective saddle pad’s smart wedge placement fills up the empty region, providing additional support. It’s also suitable for elderly horses with a thinning topline or those with really high withers. A 7/8 wool blend of high quality provides great shock absorption and protection. The Classic Equine BioFit saddle pad’s contoured shape adapts to your horse’s back for additional comfort and superior saddle fit.


  • Durable
  • Filled void area with a wedge for further support
  • specially designed for horses with narrow backs
  • BioFit Correction Pad.

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎: 2.3 Pounds
Brand nameClassics Equine
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)32 x 14 x 2 inches

7. Impact Gel Trail Endurance Saddle Pad.

This saddle pad is a must-have for any ardent endurance rider or trail enthusiast. It is handcrafted and stitched in the United States and is designed to last for many years of use. By enabling air to circulate between the horse and the pad, the special wool blend improves circulation. It comes with a shock-absorbing gel that is not only temperature resistant but also eco-friendly. It will withstand even the worst situations thanks to the heavy-duty leather embellishments. The flexible design ensures that pressure points are distributed evenly, eliminating discrepancies in your equipment’s fit.


  • Flexibility and a balanced distribution of pressure points
  • Heavy-duty wear leathers are intended to last for years.
  • Air can circulate between the pad and the horse thanks to the unique wool blend.
  • Handcrafted and hand-sewn in the United States

Technical Details:

Product Weight‎2.3 Pounds
Brand nameImpact Gel
Item Dimensions (L*B*H)32 x 20 x 3 inches