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Can You Ride A Horse Without A Saddle?

can you ride a horse without a saddle

As a horse rider, one of the best ways to improve your horse riding skills and knowledge is to ride your horse without a saddle. Your riding strength and balance will improve, and you will have an increased sense of connection with your horse as a result of this. You may have experimented with it when you were younger when fooling around in the yard or at a club, but why not level up your skills now that you’re an adult? If you want to know if you can ride a horse without a saddle, then keep reading!

In addition to that, riding your horse without a saddle – bareback is said to increase the tie and connection between the rider and the horse on several levels, including the cognitive, social, emotional, and even, according to some, the spiritual. The pair’s overall connection is strengthened, as is the connection between them, as a result of the total physical connection that is afforded by  riding your horse without a saddle – bareback. This connection then transfers to every element of their relationship.

Riding your horse without a saddle – bareback provides the rider with the potential to further strengthen the ways in which she actually uses her body on her horse. This includes improving stability, establishing lower leg power and firmness, and allowing a rider to develop her “sense.” Sense refers to a rider’s capabilities to basically understand a horse by making use of the horse’s naturally occurring movements and the use of his body to adjust any stability issues, predict based upon the horse’s body language, and utilize her own position and orientation.  However, in order to do all of these things, it is necessary to prepare the horse in such a way that it will be successful.


Now, how exactly are you going to ride a horse if you don’t have a saddle? In order to ride a horse without a saddle, one must first dismount the animal and then remove the saddle from the animal’s back before mounting the horse. You will need to rely far more on your balance and the power of your core muscles in order to keep your place on the horse when it does not have a saddle. In addition to this, you will need to ride with a developed seat. Failing to do so will lead you to bounce uncomfortably on the horse’s back while you are riding. The greatest chance you have of being successful is to devote the necessary amount of time and energy to perfecting riding your horse without a saddle.

Advice On How Can You Ride A Horse Without A Saddle

Whenever you climb on your horses for the first time without a saddle, you can have the impression that you’re going to fall off at any minute. When riding horseback, the following are some suggestions that can help you remain on your horse and feel safer:
Stay calm and relaxed, and make an effort not to get too inflexible.
Once you learn to ride your horse horseback for the first time, you could feel like you’re losing your stability and as a consequence, you might become more tense. Because of this, you may find yourself jerking on the reins and bouncing awkwardly on the back of your horse. If you feel yourself beginning to tense up while you’re riding horseback, you should stop for a while and concentrate on relaxing and calming yourself. Once you are feeling calm and relaxed, you will have a better center of gravity and will be able to connect with your horse more effectively.

Next thing you should do is put your pressure into the balls of your feet.
It’s possible that your whole life has been spent being instructed to put your bodyweight in your heels for the sole purpose of preventing your foot from slipping out of the stirrup. However, doing so also provides you with a more stable seat and improves your center of balance. In the occasion that you start to lose your equilibrium, this will also prevent your lower leg from squeezing the horse too firmly.  Even while riding without a saddle, placing your weight on your heels gives you the opportunity to practice wrapping your legs around the barrel of the horse in the correct manner. You will notice an overall improvement in your riding posture as a result of doing this.

You should remember to always carry on riding while in the same time maintaining the adequate riding position.  The fact that you are riding your horse without a saddle does not indicate that you need to adjust your posture when you are above the animal. It doesn’t matter if you’re already sitting in the saddle or not—your riding stance should be the same.

When attempting to ride without the need for a saddle for the first time, a rider may lean forward towards the horse in order to feel more comfortable on the animal. Because the saddle does not restrict their movement in any way, their legs are free to go forward. When you ride in an improper posture, it might be more challenging to communicate effectively with your horses.

Final Thoughts

Even while riding without a saddle, you should keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and your legs positioned so that they are directly beneath your hips. Because you are already used to utilizing these specific muscles for riding, riding in the right posture will make it much simpler for you to keep your balance.
If you attempt to speed your way through learning how to ride your horse bareback – without a saddle, you might create a negative experience for both you and your horse. Nevertheless, the only way you will become better is if you continue to practice! You always have the option to experiment with something new, and if you find that it makes you feel uneasy, you can always go back to the fundamentals.