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Do Justin Boots Run True to Size?

Fitting Justing boots on women

Use the centimeters that your foot measures. You may always tighten the laces and add an additional insole. It’s preferable than having a painful boot.


Is it true that Justin Boots run true to size?

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In most shoes, you can wear an 8.5 D, including adidas, which lists the size as 26.5 cm. I tried the 8.5 D and 9 D when I got my Justin ropers. The 8.5 was about right, but the 9 was too huge. I’ve owned my 8.5 D Justin ropers for a year and wear them at least three to four times a week. After breaking them in, the leather expanded somewhat, and they are now really comfortable. The lace up boots’ size should be the same as the roper boots’, hence the 8.5 D should fit well. I hope this information is useful.