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Do Women’s Justin Boots Run Big or Small? The Justin Boot Width Guide for Ladies

Fitting Justing boots on women

Do Women’s Justin Boots Run Big or Small? If you want to know what’s the perfect size of Justin boots for you, read our Justin boot fit guide below.

Justin Boots for Women – A Little Background

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H.J. Justin, a boot repairman, moved to Texas in 1879 and started his own boot firm out of his house. A pair of Justin boots is made up of more than 100 steps.

Every pair of Justin boots has more than 16 square feet of genuine leather, which explains why they are such a good deal.

Justin Boots was founded in America and is still based there, with a rich tradition based on authenticity and quality, all handmade in the United States. Justin Boots is the country’s biggest domestic footwear maker, with three plants.

Boot Style and Fit – How Do Justin Boots Fit?

It’s possible to go a little bigger. True size or 12 size smaller is recommended.

When choosing boots, there are three things to consider: the instep, the ball, and the heel. In the end, personal choice for the feel of each of these three components determines whether or not a boot is well fitted.

A Width Guide for Women’s Justin Boots

Justin boots on women feet

Follow the 3 steps below to learn if women’s Justin boots run big or small.

Step 1: Learn How to Fit Your Boots

Boots that are the right size should be snug but not too tight. Boots should be tiny enough to restrict your feet from sliding around too much in them, but if your foot slips into a boot too readily, it’s likely too big. While you don’t want your feet to go swimming, it’s natural for the heel of a new pair of boots to slide a little. This is due to the stiffness of the soles on a new pair of boots. Over time, they will bend and conform to your feet.

Step 2: Understand Width Sizing

The smallest size is AAA, followed by AA, A, B, and so on until EEE, the largest size.

A B width is common for women’s boots, whereas an A width is narrow and a C width is broad.

D width is typical for males, B width is small, and EE or EW width is broad.

Step 3: Research Boot Brands

Although boot width varies by manufacturer, if you have the appropriate information, it’s still possible to achieve a fantastic fit when shopping online. We can tell you, for example, that Justin boots offer more arch support than Dan Post boots and that Tony Lama footwear run narrow. Handmade boots, such as Lucchese, offer a distinct feel than mass-produced brands such as Ariat or Justin. Custom boots, on the other hand, have subtle fit variances in each pair. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and go a smidgeon larger. Insoles may drastically improve the fit of a pair of off-the-rack boots!

Remember that Justin boots tend to run a little bigger. 1/2 size smaller or true to size.

So, do Justin Boots for Women Run Big or Small?

These boots are stylish and durable. The design and color are gorgeous, and based on our experience, we went down a half size after reading reviews and have mixed opinions about it.

We do feel like they run a tad big, but also a tad narrow. There’s a feeling of “wide” feet, but it seems to get blisters on women’s big toe and pinky toe, as well as the heel, this is even after breaking them in on multiple occasions.

Overall, we like wearing them and will continue to do so.

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