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How Long Does It Take To Saddle A Horse

how long does it take to saddle a horse

Depending on how much equipment you need, whether your horse is moving or not, and whether you have everything you need close at hand to move from one stage to the next, the time it takes to tack up your horse varies. Continue reading to learn how long does it take to saddle a horse.


Tapping up shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes if you are only using a bridle, saddle pad, and saddle and are comfortable around horses. It will take an additional 45 to 10 minutes if you are tacking up with extra gear like workout boots, overreach boots, or any other tack.

Master Saddler

If everything was perfect, someone who had been mounting every day for years and years could prepare the saddle, bridle, etc. in around 5 minutes if it was their own horse and saddle they were accustomed to. It would take longer to saddle an unusual horse for a variety of reasons. Some horses that dislike being tacked up and have a tendency to wander around a lot could take a little longer to tack up and put their saddle and bridle on.

Type Of Situation

If you panic or rush, things could get worse. The horse will become frightened and start moving around if the rider is in a panic, making it more difficult to put on the equipment. Additionally, it will rely on the rider’s ability, personality, and amount of motivation. I believe that a prompt but not urgent saddle-up and pack-up time should be 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts About How Long Does It Take To Saddle A Horse

Bad saddling can lead to all kinds of problems, from the horse not performing well to the saddle coming off and the rider taking a dangerous fall.