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How To Buy A Saddle That Fits Your Horse

how to buy a saddle that fits your horse

If you’re interested on knowing more about how to buy a saddle that fits your horse, this article might be just for you! When you prepare to saddle your horse, does he prefer to lay his ears back or twitch his tail? Or maybe he has never shown any pain while being saddled, but you have to work very hard to maintain your equilibrium when you are out riding. If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s possible that you’re riding in a saddle that isn’t the right fit for either you or your horse.

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It is essential to locate the ideal saddle for your needs. If you want your horse to do a good job for you, you need to choose a saddle that doesn’t restrict his natural mobility but yet allows him to accomplish the work he’s supposed to. The fit of the saddle on your horse can mean the difference between a lifetime of comfortable rides and a long list of painful experiences and potential behavioral issues. In the same way that ill-fitting shoes can make it difficult for you to complete your regular exercise routine, a poorly fitting saddle can cause your horse discomfort and lead to behavioral issues.

Pay Attention to Saddle Material when you’re looking To Buy A Saddle That Fits Your Horse

People who have horses these days nearly have too many options to choose from. When synthetic saddles were originally produced, they were coated in a nylon fabric and typically came in bright colors. Because of this, synthetic saddles were not allowed to be shown in competitions. The modern versions resemble classic saddles but are constructed from materials such as synthetic leather and suede. In addition, synthetic saddles are characterized by their low weight and their simplicity in terms of maintenance and cleaning. They are offered in a diverse range of styles, both western and English, for your selection. If you really want to, you can still obtain synthetic saddles in a variety of fun colors.

Leather has always been used as the primary material in the production of saddles. However, not all leather is created equal, and the saddle that can seem to be a good deal might turn out to be constructed of materials that are not of high quality and were imported. Always search for leather of a high grade and focus to the texture, the sewing, and the attachments such billet straps. If you buy something of the highest possible quality that you can afford and take good care of it, it will last you for many years.

What type of saddle should you choose?

  • General Purpose or Standard Saddles – Standard saddles are made to be used for a variety of equestrian sports, ranging from hacking to jumping. If you compete often, it is possible that you might be better off looking into a more discipline specific saddle to provide you the reassurance you want. However, the majority of riders who ride for pleasure will choose this choice since it only requires one saddle.
  • Dressage saddles – These are intended to be used for dressage as well as flatwork, as their name indicates. The cover of the saddle is wider and more flat, which encourages riders to ride with their legs stretched out in front of them, and the seat is often deeper, which assists riders in maintaining the proper riding posture.You have the choice between larger knee blocks that are locked in place and smaller knee blocks that can be moved, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable position for you.You use a short girth to eliminate any bulk from under your legs so that there are no hooks underneath your leg, and the girth straps are lengthy so that you can have a tighter leg contact. This is done so that you can have a closer touch with your legs.
  • Jump saddles – Because they are cut farther front, you may ride with smaller stirrups when you use them. In most cases, they will feature knee and thigh blocks that are positioned in such a way as to assist you in being safe and supported while you are jumping. When riding through rough terrain, you’ll like the cross-country saddle’s flatter profile, which gives you a little more room to move around.
  • Showing saddles – This type of saddles are created to emphasize the natural beauty of your horse’s shape. They have a tendency to have a straight cut and have a simple design in order to allow for complete freedom of movement, which in turn enables your horse to look his absolute best.