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How To Calm A Nervous Horse

how to calm a nervous horse

Since horses are flight animals, they are highly perceptive and constantly alert to potential threats. Our understanding of danger is not always the same as theirs; while some situations make most horses anxious and fearful, a lot of it depends on the particular horse and his past experiences. Here are some ways how to calm a nervous horse.


Talk To The Horse

The human voice and tone of voice have a profound impact on horses. When a frightening vehicle is approaching, when a jump has a creepy filler underneath it, or when the horse hesitates at the bottom of the ramp, a gentle phrase, whether given while the horse is in hand or under saddle, can be very helpful in calming an anxious horse. Be firm, but avoid becoming combative or shouting.

Move With Caution

A horse may overreact if you move too hastily, which can make the issue much worse. Instead, take a deep breath and concentrate on moving at a regular speed. Horses are experts at detecting tightness in our own bodies, so try to relax your shoulders and arms. When approaching a wary horse, keep yourself in a secure position.

Let the Horse Investigate

Depending on the circumstance, some horses will start to calm down after viewing an unusual thing if given the chance. Depending on what it is, how scared your horse is, and how bold he is willing to be, some horses are calmed by actually approaching and sniffing the object that is the source of worry. But for many horses, all they really require is a chance to stand and stare while getting a comforting pat.

Dismount And Lead The Way

If you are riding and there is no one nearby to assist you, you can dismount and guide the horse toward the object that is concerning him. Horses occasionally get their confidence from the person standing next to them.

Stay Calm

Any tension in the horse’s handler will be promptly transmitted to the animal. It can be challenging when you are aware that your horse will get timid or anxious around a certain object, but if you find yourself in a difficult scenario and are on the ground, ask someone else to step in.

Conclusion About How To Calm A Nervous Horse

All horses experience moments of dread, but these are frequently brief occurrences. If your horse is anxious or extremely afraid of activity like loading or clipping, you will need to take your time and possibly see a specialist to find a solution. Even while you may never be able to fully rid the horse of his fear, most of them do better when you apply persistent, careful retraining.