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How to Choose the Right English Bit for Show Jumping?

how to choose the right english bit for show jumping


It can be difficult to choose the right English bit for showjumping. There are many styles and types of English bits available. It can be hard to choose the right bit for your horse. This article will explain the differences between English bits and what features you should consider when choosing one. You will also find common FAQs about English bit selection for show jumping.

Different types of English bits

There are many styles and shapes available for English bits. It is important to understand the differences in the various types of bits so that you can make an informed choice when choosing the right bit for your horse.

Snaffle Bits

The most popular type of English bit is the snaffle bit. They are used for show jumping. They are made from metal and usually have one joint in the middle. The D-ring, eggbutt and French links are three of the most popular show jumping snaffle bits.

Curb Bits

Curb bits provide greater control than a standard snaffle bit. Curb bits have a lever or chain that is located below the bit. This curb chain applies pressure to the horse’s chin when the reins get pulled. These curb bits are used often in advanced show jumping classes.

Pelham Bits

Pelham bits, another type of English bit, are a mixture of a curb bit and a snaffle. Two sets of reins are used: one on each side of the curb chain and one on either the snaffle. This type of bit is used to give the rider more control over their horse.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an English bit

There are many things to consider when choosing an English bit for show jumping. These features include the bit’s size, metal type, mouthpiece type, and shape.


It is important to choose the right size bit for your horse. There are many sizes available, including small pony bits and large horse bits. To ensure the correct fit, it is essential to measure your horse’s mouth before you purchase a bit.

Type of metal

English bits are usually made from either sweet iron or stainless steel. Sweet iron is less likely to rust and is more durable, but stainless steel can be more comfortable for horses.


When choosing an English bit, it is important to consider the type of mouthpiece. The French link, eggbutt, D-ring and eggbutt are all popular mouthpieces. Each type of mouthpiece has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to determine which one will be most beneficial for your horse.


It is important to consider the shape of the bit. There are many shapes available for bits, including egg-shaped, straight and curved. A curved bit is better for show jumping because it is less likely that it will catch on obstacles.

Tips to Use Your English Bit Successfully

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your English bit once you have chosen the right one for you horse.

Get in your Bit

Before you use your bit in show jumping classes, it is essential to properly break in the bit. You can do this by gradually introducing the bit to horses and allowing them time to get used to it.

Be consistent

It is crucial to use your bit consistently. Your horse will be able to recognize the cues and techniques you use each time.

Be gentle

Be gentle when handling your bit. Your horse may feel pain or discomfort if you use too much force on the reins.


Which type of bit is best to show jump?

It depends on the horse and rider which type of bit is most suitable for show jumping. A curved snaffle bit, which is less likely to catch on obstacles, is the best choice.

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