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How to Choose the Right English Saddle for Hunter Jumper Shows?

how to choose the right english saddle for hunter jumper shows


It can be difficult to choose the right English saddle for your hunter jumper show. However, with some knowledge and the right attitude you can make an informed choice that will give you the best riding experience. A good saddle is crucial for a successful hunt, show or competition. The right type and fit of the saddle can make all the differences. This article will discuss the various types of English saddles, the things to look out for when selecting a saddle, as well as helpful tips on how to find the perfect saddle for your hunter jumper event.

Different types of English Saddles

There are four types of English saddles: close contact, dressage, all-purpose and jumping. Each type offers its own advantages and features, which may make them more suitable for different riding styles.

Dressage saddles

Dressage saddles were designed to give the rider the most contact with their horse. These saddles have a deep, flat and supportive seat with long panels. Dressage riders who require the most control and contact with their horses will be best served by a dressage saddle.

Close Contact Saddles

Close contact saddles offer less contact than dressage saddles but are very similar to the dressage saddles. These saddles are ideal for riders who desire to feel closer to their horses without sacrificing comfort. Because they are more secure than traditional saddles, close contact is great for hunter jumper shows.

All-Purpose Saddles

All-purpose saddles provide maximum comfort and support for all types of riding. These saddles have a medium-sized seat and smaller panels, which provide sufficient support but don’t restrict your freedom of movement. These saddles can be used for a wide range of riding activities and are ideal for riders who need a versatile saddle.

Jumping Saddles

Jumping saddles can be used by riders who require a more secure fit when jumping. These saddles have a deep seat and long panels. They also feature forward flaps which provide additional support and stability for jumping. Jumping saddles work best for jumpers and hunters who require a comfortable and secure fit.

The Right Saddle

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an English saddle for hunter jumping shows. You should consider your riding style, horse type, and size when choosing a saddle. A saddle that is too tight for you or your horse can cause discomfort, even injury.


The size of your saddle is an important factor. It is crucial that the saddle fits the horse correctly. Before purchasing a saddle, measure your horse’s back. A saddle that is too small can pinch or rub the horse, and a saddle that’s too big will not give adequate support.


It is important to think about the fit of your saddle. The saddle must fit snugly on the horse’s spine and not move while the rider is in it. A professional saddle fitter will assess your horse and rider to ensure the best fit.


Your riding style should dictate the type of saddle that you choose. A dressage saddle is your best option if you’re a dressage rider. Jumping saddles are best for hunters and jumpers. For riders who require a saddle that can be used for a variety riding activities, all-purpose saddles are ideal.

How to Choose the Right Saddle

These tips will help you choose the best saddle for your hunter jumping show.


Read reviews about different saddles and do your research to find out which brands and models are best. This will allow you to narrow down your choices and make the right choice for your needs.

You should try it out

Before you purchase a saddle, make sure to try it out. This will ensure the saddle is right for you and your horse and that it is comfortable for you both.

Talk to a professional

A professional saddle fitter can help you decide which saddle is best for you. A professional saddle fitter will assess your horse and determine the right saddle for you.