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How to Choose the Right English Saddle for Hunter Under Saddle?

how to choose the right english saddle for hunter under saddle


You want the best English saddles for hunter-under saddle for your horse and you need to ensure that you have the right one. A saddle can make a big difference in your performance in the rings. The right features and fit can make it easier to find the right saddle. This article will give you the information you need to select the best English saddle for hunter-under saddle.

Learn the Characteristics of an English Saddle

There are some features you should be aware of when it comes to English saddles. A saddle should have a comfortable, flat seat as well as a deep, comfortable one. The saddle should have a balanced point that is located between the cantle and withers of the horse. It is important to position the stirrup bars correctly so that they are the right length for the rider. A saddle with a solid tree should have an even fit and distribute the rider’s weight evenly.

Know your horse’s measurements

Make sure to measure your horse before you purchase a saddle. Measurements of your horse’s back length, withers, and tree height will be necessary. These measurements will help to choose the correct size saddle for your horse. You should also know what type of riding your horse will engage in. This will allow you to choose the right saddle for your horse.

Select the right size

The measurements of your horse will help you choose the correct size saddle. The saddle should fit comfortably on your horse with plenty of room for you to move. You should ensure that the saddle is secure enough to not move or slip while riding. Before you buy the saddle, make sure that you have it on your horse.

Check out the Balance Point

Make sure you check the balance point of the saddle when you are trying it on your horse. The balance point is the area of the saddle that should be evenly balanced when you’re in it. Your horse’s balance point should be the same height as his withers. The saddle might not be right for your horse if the balance point is too high, or too low.

Take a look at the Flocking

The material used to fill the saddle panels is called flocking. It should be evenly distributed and firm. It should not be too soft or hard. This can cause discomfort in horses. You should always check the amount of flocking for your horse.

Select the right tree type

You can make a big difference in how the saddle fits. The tree should be large enough to accommodate your horse’s back while providing the support needed. The tree should be flexible enough that it can move with your horse. You should be able to adjust the tree to suit your horse’s needs as they change over time.

Try the Saddle

After you have selected the right size and type saddle, test it out. You will be able to gauge how the saddle feels on your horse. You will be able to adjust the saddle as necessary if it is too tight or too loose.


It can be difficult to choose the right English saddle for hunter-under saddle. It is possible to find the right saddle for you by learning about the features of the saddle and your horse’s measurements. You can find the right saddle for your horse and yourself with a little research and patience.


Which saddle is best for hunting?

Your horse’s size, riding style, and budget will all play a part in choosing the best English saddle for hunter. You should try out different saddles in order to find the best fit for you and your horse.

How can I tell if an English saddle is right for my horse?

It is crucial to measure your horse and then try on the English saddle. Also, ensure that the balance point is at your horse’s height.