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How to Choose the Right English Saddle for Jumping?

how to choose the right english saddle for jumping


English saddles are most commonly used for jumping. It can be difficult for riders of all abilities to choose the right saddle. A saddle that is right for both horse and rider can make a big difference in their performance and comfort. This article will discuss the various features and considerations that should be taken into account when selecting the best English jumping saddle.

Anatomy of a Saddle

Before we discuss the characteristics of an English saddle for jumping, let’s first understand its anatomy. The saddle is made up of the panel, tree, flaps, billets and girth straps. The structure and support of the saddle’s tree is its skeleton. The panel is the cushioning layer between the tree’s back and the horse’s. The saddle’s flaps, which are usually made from leather, are where riders sit. The girth straps are called billets. The girth straps are leather pieces that attach to the billets and the girth. The stirrup leathers attach to the saddle by means of the straps.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right English saddle for jumping

There are many important factors and considerations when choosing an English jumping saddle.


Both horse and rider need to feel comfortable in the saddle. The saddle should not be too wide to restrict the horse’s movement, but it should be sufficient to support him. The saddle should be long enough to support the horses’ buttocks and feet. To ensure comfort for the horse, the panels should be sized to fit his back.

Balance and stability

For safety and performance, the saddle must be balanced and stable. The saddle must be balanced on the back of the horse and should not shift or move when the horse is moving. To provide stability and comfort while jumping, the saddle should have a deep seat with wide panels.


It is important to consider the quality of the materials used and the construction of the saddle. The saddle will be durable, comfortable, and secure thanks to the high-quality leather and stitching.


What’s the difference between an all purpose saddle and a jumping one?

A jumping saddle can be used for flat work or jumping. An all-purpose saddle, on the other hand, is intended to be used for jumping only. A jumping saddle is lighter and more contact than an all-purpose one.

How can I tell if my saddle is right for me?

The saddle should be properly fitted to the horse’s back. You can check the fit by placing your hand between the panels of the saddle and the horse’s back. The saddle should fit comfortably and have no gaps. A professional saddle fitter can also assess your fit.


Both horse and rider will be affected by the choice of an English jumping saddle. You should consider the quality, fit, stability, and stability of the saddle. Professional saddle fitters can help you find the perfect saddle for your horse. Riders of all levels can enhance the performance and comfort their horses with the right saddle.