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How to Choose the Right Saddle Pad for a Horse with a Long Neck?

how to choose the right saddle pad for a horse with a long neck

The right saddle pad is an important part of outfitting your horse. Saddle pads not only protect your horse’s back against the rubbing of the saddle but also offer shock absorption and cushioning. There are many options for saddle pads on the market. It can be hard to choose the right one for your horse. When choosing a saddle pad for your horse with a long neck, here are some things to keep in mind.

Considerations for horses with long necks: Saddle pads

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to saddle pads. You must consider the shape and size of your horse’s back as well as the length of his neck. Horses with longer necks might need a different saddle pad than those with shorter necks.

Consider these things when selecting a saddle pad to fit a horse with long necks:

* The length of your pad. The pad should be long enough to reach your withers, but not too long.

* The thickness of your pad. The pad should not be too thick or thin. A pad that is too thick can cause the saddle to rub. It won’t provide sufficient cushioning if the pad is too thin.

* The type and material. Some materials like sheepskin are more breathable than others. If your horse sweats a lot, this is something to think about.

* The pad’s shape. Some saddle pads are made for horses with long necks. These pads have a higher drop at the front for greater coverage.


1. How do I measure my horse to make a saddle pad for him?

Three measurements are required to measure your horse’s saddle pad: the length, width and depth. Measure the length from the point of your shoulder to the point at the buttock. Measure across the back from the point of your shoulder to measure the width. Measure the depth from the point of your shoulder to the bottom.

2. How often should my saddle pad be washed?

After every ride, you should wash your saddle pad. You may have to wash your saddle pad more frequently if your horse sweats heavily. Use mild soap and cool water to wash your saddle pad.

3. How do I store my saddle pad in the most efficient way?

Keep your saddle pad dry and cool when you aren’t using it. To prevent mold growth if you live in humid areas, keep your saddle pad in an airtight container.