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How to Choose the Right Saddle Pad for a Horse with a Sensitive Withers?

how to choose the right saddle pad for a horse with a sensitive withers

A saddle pad is an essential piece of equipment for horse care. It protects your horse’s back while in the saddle and distributes the rider’s weight evenly. There are so many saddle pads available, it can be difficult to find the right one for you horse. You should be extra careful when choosing a saddle pad for a horse with sensitive skin. These are some tips to help you select the right saddle pad.

Saddle pad materials

The material is an important aspect of a saddle pad. Avoid anything too stiff or abrasive. You should instead choose a soft material like cotton or wool for your saddle pad. These materials are more comfortable for horses and won’t cause irritation to their sensitive skin.

Fitting Saddle Pad

The fit of your saddle pad is another important factor. It is important to ensure that the saddle pad does not fit too tightly or too loose. It should not be too tight as it can rub your horse’s skin and cause irritation. It could cause your saddle to shift if it is too loose. It is a good idea to select a saddle pad approximately the same width as your horse’s withers.

Thickness of the Saddle Pad

The thickness of your saddle pad is also important. For horses with sensitive hands, a thicker pad can provide greater cushioning and support. A too thick saddle pad can make it hard to maintain the saddle in its correct position. It’s best to go with a thinner pad if you aren’t sure what thickness to choose.

Additional Considerations

There are other factors to consider, aside from the fit and thickness of your saddle pad. To keep your horse’s back dry and cool, make sure the pad is breathable. A pad that is easy-to-clean will also be a good choice. You want a pad that is machine washable and that dries quickly.


1. How often should my horse’s saddle pads be replaced?

If your horse’s saddle pads start to wear, you should replace them. While a well-made saddle pad will last many years, it is important to check it for damage every so often.

2. Can I use a saddle pad made of human leather on my horse?

You should not use a horse’s saddle pad made of human material. Horses are not meant to use human saddle pads.

3. My horse has sensitive back. What kind of saddle pad should you use?

You should choose a soft material for your horse’s saddle pad, such as wool or cotton, if they have sensitive backs. The pad should not be too tight or loose.