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How to Choose the Right Western Bit for Barrel Racing?

how to choose the right western bit for barrel racing


Barrel racing has been a popular sport for many years. It is important to choose the right western bit for your horse. The right bit will make a big difference in your performance and your horse’s safety. This article will discuss how to select the best western bit for barrel racing. We’ll discuss the various types of bits and the factors you should consider when choosing the right bit. We will also answer two common questions regarding western bits for barrel racing.

Different types of Western Bits

It is crucial to be familiar with the various types of western bits that are available when choosing the right barrel racing bit. The hackamore, shanked, and snaffle bits are the most common western bits. Each bit has its advantages and disadvantages so it is important that you understand them all before making your choice.

Snaffle Bit

A snaffle bit uses two pieces of rope or metal that are connected to horse’s mouth. This is the most popular type of barrel racing bit and is used a lot by young horses or horses just starting out. The snaffle bit allows the rider to have direct control of the horse’s mouth. This makes it more responsive and manageable.

Shanked Bit

A shanked bit connects a single piece to the horse’s mouth. The shanked bit is made of steel and provides more leverage than the snaffle bits. Although the shanked bit is more suitable for horses with more experience, it can also be used to give more control to horses with less experience.


Hackamore is a type bit that attaches to the horse’s head with a combination metal and rope. This bit is used by experienced horses and provides more control. Although the hackamore is more comfortable than other bits, it can be difficult to control.

Factors to Be Considered

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing the best western bit for barrel racing. The horse’s level of experience is the most important consideration. A snaffle bit may be better for an inexperienced horse, while a hackamore or shanked bit may work better for an experienced horse. It is also important to think about the type of riding that you will be doing. A snaffle bit is best if you’re riding in an arena. A hackamore might be more suitable for open terrain. You should also consider the comfort of your horse. It can cause discomfort for horses if the bit is too tight, too loose, or both.


Which is the best part for barrel racing?

The experience level of your horse and the type or riding you do will determine the best barrel racing bit. A snaffle bit works best for inexperienced horses. A hackamore or shanked bit may be more suitable for experienced horses.

How can I tell if my bit is right for my horse?

A professional fitting is the best way to find out if your bit fits your horse. Professional fittings will ensure your bit is properly fitted and comfortable for your horse. You can also check the fit by inspecting the horse’s mouth to ensure that it isn’t too tight or too loose.


It is important to choose the right western bit for barrel racing. There are many types of bits, each with its advantages and disadvantages. When making your choice, you should consider the riding style and experience of the horse. Understanding the differences between the various bits and the factors that should be considered will help you make the best choice for barrel racing. You can find more information on choosing the right western bit to barrel race at this link


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