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How To Draw A Horse Saddle

how to draw a horse saddle

A saddle is a seat for a rider on the back of an animal, most frequently a horse or pony. Horses were traditionally ridden bareback or with basic clothes or blankets, but the invention of the leather saddle has dramatically increased the horse’s potential by making it simpler for a rider to maintain his position on the moving animal. Read on to discover more about how to draw a horse saddle.


Draw The Basic Shapes First

Make a shape of a half-circle and a couple of rectangles that are slightly curved. As indicated, the saddle’s circular portion should be pointed downward.

Horse saddle how to draw

Draw Around the Basic Shapes

The saddle’s seat rise, seat, and cantle will be drawn next. The seating area is in the middle top (directly to the right of the seat rise), the seat rise is on the top front region (top right), and the cantle, that slightly curved shape, is at the top right of the saddle.
In the space just below the seat rise and seat, include another rectangle with rounded edges. The seat (or side) jockey is the term used for this. The fender is the long, vertical shape hanging down. Behind the fender is the Blevins buckle, which fastens the stirrup to the saddle.

How To Draw A Horse Saddle

Draw the Stirrup, Saddle Horn, and Back Housing

The pommel is topped by the saddle horn (also known as the swell). The pommel is the rounded shape immediately behind the horn, and the saddle horn is that hook-shaped object (upside-down boot) on the top right. Draw it with confidence; it should be coming straight from the front of the saddle.
Create a rounded rectangular form for the back housing (top right) as illustrated. The skirt refers to the greater space beneath the back housing.

The bottom of the fender should now have the stirrup form added. The stirrup, which is where your boots go, is kind of an atypically shaped square.

Saddle Horn, Back Housing and Stirrup

Draw The Front Rigging

These are necessary for securing the straps that hold the saddle firmly in place and stable.

Horse Saddle Front Rigging

Add Some Detail

There will be a small hobble strap around the Blevins buckle and the bottom of the fender on the majority of saddles.

How to draw a western saddle

Add More Details

Simply scribble random circular shapes inside the leather’s borders in the manner depicted to give this saddle the appearance of hand-tooled leather. Perhaps you might draw a border line around the perimeter of these leather regions.

The rear rigging dee is that round shape directly beneath the pencil, and the two circular shapes are known as conchos.

How To Draw A Horse Saddle for school

Final Thought

It’s always fun to learn some stuff. Add a few little finishing touches and add shading to your drawing for more fancy patterns. So this is a basic way how to draw a horse saddle. How did your drawing look?