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How To Fit A Saddle To A Mutton Withered Horse

How To Fit A Saddle To A Mutton Withered Horse

When viewed from the side, horses with mutton withers have little or no discernible withers. A horse is mutton-withered if, when you are looking at him, you notice that his back appears to slope downward from his neck towards his hind end without any discernible shoulder definition altering the form of his top line. Read more to learn how to fit a saddle to a mutton withered horse.

The shoulder’s shorter thoracic vertebrae are the cause of a mutton wither. In horses, the thoracic vertebrae are what give the shoulders more definition. Animals from breeds that normally have high withers, such as thoroughbreds, are not likely to have mutton withers.



The flat withers of the mutton-withering horse do not severely disadvantage him. Due to their shorter thoracic vertebrae than other horses, certain mutton-withered horses may have a marginally reduced range of motion in their shoulders. The mutton wither may make an animal less athletically capable when combined with other structural faults, but it will not be the factor that makes the animal significantly less capable of performing or unable to function in any way.

Saddle For Mutton Withered Horse

The withers are typically used as a stabilizing mechanism in horse saddles. Finding a saddle that will properly fit your mutton-withered horse might be difficult because many saddles will either slip, rub, or pinch your mutton-withered horse’s back, making him very uncomfortable. A saddle that is specifically made for your horse’s shape is the first thing we would advise for a mutton-withered horse. Many of them are made for Haflinger, which have flat toplines and short backs, but these saddles will also fit mutton-withered horses with average back lengths.

As opposed to buying saddles marketed particularly to accommodate equines with mutton withers, like Big Horn’s Haflinger or Mutton-Withered short-back western saddle, some owners have saddles built to fit their mutton withered horses.

Final Thoughts On How To Fit A Saddle To A Mutton Withered Horse

Because most saddles are made with regular withers in mind, mutton withers present a fitting challenge. The withers help maintain the saddle’s position by forming a ridge. The basic line is a non-slip saddle pad that typically enhances your comfort and stability when riding. A great saddle pad for horses with mutton withered is the Thin tacky pad. We adore the way it perfectly covers the withers, secures itself, and protects the saddle pad from dirt.