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How To Get Horse Hair Out Of Saddle Pads

How To Get Horse Hair Out Of Saddle Pads

Horses are shedding at this time of year. Some riders use a shedding blade before they ride, yet there are still hairs stuck to the pad. How can the hair be removed without harming the pads? Here are some ways how to get horse hair out of saddle pads.


Nylon Brush

Use a nylon brush and some elbow grease to scrub your horse’s blankets, coolers, and saddle pads clean. Yes, it will be just like grooming your horse from scratch.

Pressure Washer

The simplest way to wash your saddle pad and remove hair from it at the same time. On a concrete surface, spread out your saddle pad evenly. However, the power washer could rip up the grass and make your saddle pad muddy if you place it in the grass. It takes only a few minutes to wash and remove hair all at once, but take care not to rip the fabric of your saddle pad.

Horse Vacuum

Also fantastic for use on blankets and saddle pads. Before vacuuming, clip your cross ties together to make a washing line from which to hang blankets, large coolers, and linens. This makes vacuuming simple and prevents your blanket or horse cooler from falling to the ground.

Stiff Brush

You may always clean your saddle pad the same way you’d groom your horse by using a stiff brush and curry comb. Use the curry comb to remove as much hair as you can, and then brush the saddle pad.

Washing Machine And Dryer

You can use your horse vacuum and throw the saddle pad into the washing machine though your washer can become clogged. After you have removed the majority of the hair, throw your filthy horse clothes into the washer and dryer, and you should be good to go.

You should wash the saddle cloth in your own washing machine at low temperatures and with slow rotations if you do so. To prevent wrinkles, it is advisable to wash each one separately and lay them flat in the drum. To maintain things in shape, you should also take them out as soon as the washing is finished and hang them. We advise using a sports textile conditioner before washing them.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Horse Hair Out Of Saddle Pads

Your saddle pad will eventually become covered with dirt and sweat residue from your horse. The pad needs to be kept clean to keep your horse happy and to prevent saddle sores or rubbing injuries from accumulated dirt.