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How To Get On A Horse Without A Saddle

How To Get On A Horse Without A Saddle

Riding bareback is another name for riding a horse without a saddle. If you’ve never ridden without a saddle, you may find it much harder than riding with a saddle because it doesn’t give you the same security and comfort. Still, being able to ride without a saddle can make you a much better rider. Read more to learn how to get on a horse without a saddle.


First Ride Without A Saddle

When you get on your horse for the first time without a saddle, you may feel like you could fall off at any time. When you first start riding your horse without a saddle, you might feel like you’re losing your balance and tighten up because of it. This can make you jerk on the reins and bounce around on your horse’s back, which isn’t very comfortable.

If you’re riding bareback and you feel yourself getting stiff, take a moment to relax. When you are calm and at ease, you can talk to your horse better and keep your balance better. Keeping your weight on your heels gives you a more stable seat and a better sense of where your center of gravity is. It will also keep your lower leg from holding on too tightly to the horse if you start to lose your balance.

Riding Position

You should still sit up straight, with your shoulders back and your legs placed beneath your hips, when riding bareback. It will be simpler to keep on if you are riding in the proper position because you are accustomed to using these specific muscles for riding.

Body Movement

Riding without a saddle is a great way to start learning how to talk to your horse by moving your seat. One of the first ways to use your seat to communicate with your horse and lessen any uncomfortable bouncing on your horse’s back is to move your seat with the rhythm of the horse’s movements.

How To Get On A Horse Without A Saddle

Having a mounting block that you can step on is the most effective technique to mount your horse. You can then put your leg over the horse’s back because you will be taller as a result.

Different mounting blocks come in two or more step varieties. Depending on your needs and the size of your horse, you should select one. You can also have anybody help you get on by lifting your leg up, although a mounting block is preferable because aid may not always be available.

Final Thoughts On How To Get On A Horse Without A Saddle

You must be certain that you are fully knowledgeable about bareback horse riding once you have successfully completed the first test. If you’ve previously used a saddle when riding, it will be different from what you may be accustomed to, and you’ll need some time to get used to it.