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How To Heal Saddle Sores On Horses

How To Heal Saddle Sores On Horses

The withers are a common location for saddle sores because the skin there is thin and there is little muscle or fat to cushion the area. The areas where the saddle and equipment make contact with the horse frequently develop bald patches or clusters of white hairs. Learn more about how to heal saddle sores on horses by reading along.


Cause Of Saddle Sores

Pressure points become vulnerable to rubbing, and sores form if a rider does not maintain proper posture and leans too far forward or backward or does not let the stirrups carry any weight.

The resulting rubbing on the skin will result in abrasions leading to saddle sores when the saddle blanket is polluted by dirt, weeds, or other objects or if it becomes worn so that it no longer shields the horse.

The most frequent reasons for saddle sores include an improperly made or fitted saddle, as well as unsuitable equipment. A saddle that doesn’t fit a horse’s back properly will rub with every movement the horse or rider makes.

Guide On How To Heal Saddle Sores On Horses

The hair usually grows back white after a saddle sore has healed. Here are some solutions on how to heal saddle sores on a horse.

Cleaning The Sore Area

Letting a saddle sore dry out is the greatest treatment. As a result, the wound can heal and the skin might thicken and stiffen. The hair will eventually start to come back. To promote healing, the region needs to be cleaned and then kept dry. Applying cold compresses may be done if swelling develops.

Getting Rid Of Rash

A therapeutic horse shampoo should be used if a rash is present, and a veterinarian should be contacted to evaluate whether a staphylococcal bacterial infection is the source of the rash. It might be required to carefully cut the afflicted region in addition to receiving the recommended therapy from the vet.

Using Healing Creams

The preferred method of treating all blisters is Sudocrem. Sudocrem is particularly beneficial because it can effectively dry up the wound while also reducing pain. In addition, it must be done consistently for better results.

Clean Blankets

Each horse should have their own set of trappings, and rugs and blankets should be cleansed frequently. Use wound powder, this was very useful for sweeping beneath the rug. The black powder sticks and works as a hardening barrier, helping the sore to shut and heal, unlike lotions which have a tendency to rub off.

Avoid Riding The Horse

Saddles and tack shouldn’t be used until the wounds have completely healed. It is possible to exercise the horse while riding bareback. If a saddle must be used, make sure that no pressure is applied to the injured area by covering it with an additional blanket or foam pad.

You can apply as many various lotions and ointments as you like to a saddle sore, but most of the time only time will allow it to cure completely. Wait a few weeks before riding again to give it time to heal.

Thoughts On How To Heal Saddle Sores On Horses

Saddle sores can be avoided by using a suitable saddle, blanket, and cinch that are kept clean and clear of any foreign items, as well as paying attention to good riding practices. Remove the saddle once you stop riding so that the horse and saddle pad can dry out any moisture that has accumulated.