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How to Make Your Own Horse Tack? The COMPLETE Guide

Horse Tack

You might be familiar with the word “horse tack” if you’re just starting out in the world of horseback riding, but you might not know exactly what it refers to.

What Is Horse Tack?

The term “horse tack” refers to all of the many pieces of equipment that are required in order to ride, care for, and manage a domesticated horse. Equipment such as the saddle, saddle blanket, stirrups, cinch, bridle, and reins are all considered to be part of the tack.

The term is primarily used to refer to riding equipment (hence the phrase “tacking up,” which means fitting a horse with all of the items necessary for riding it). Tack itself is a range of equipment, rather than a particular item. This is why stores that sell horse equipment are called tack shops or tack stores, as well as why your instructor may tell you to tack up when it’s time to get your horse ready to ride.

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What Steps Are Needed to Make your own horse Tack?

First, you should get accurate measurements, and then you should collect a enough number of the different colors of paracord that you will need for your project.

In addition, you should be aware that the majority of the pieces that make up tack will also need hardware such as shanks, buckles, and clips. Before you get started on your project, make a list of the things you’ll need, and check to see that you have everything you’ll need gathered in a single location.

Keep in mind that in order to braid using paracord, you will need about twice as much of the material as the length that you are really measuring. The length is often reduced quite a bit due to the act of braiding.

The task of braiding tack is one that ideally should be completed in a single sitting. It might be challenging to leave your items laying about in anticipation. Therefore, you need to make sure that you allow yourself a sufficient amount of time to do your assignment from beginning to end.

Common Tack Equipment

Tack is an overall term that encompasses a wide variety of equine accessories and implements. It will become more natural for you to refer to these things by their overall name rather than as distinct pieces of equipment the more experienced you grow with riding horses.

The following items are some of the most common types of tack and equipment for horses:

  • A supporting leather framework that serves as a seat for the rider and is known as a saddle.
  • A saddle blanket is a piece of padding that is put beneath the saddle in order to make the horse more comfortable. This piece of equipment is referred to as a saddlecloth in English riding.
  • A cinch is a wide strap of cloth that is wrapped around the barrel of a horse to maintain the position of the saddle. This item is also referred to as a girth.
  • A breastplate is a framework similar to a harness that is used to assist hold the saddle in place. It has straps that extend across the sternum and forelegs of the horse. Alternately referred to as a breast collar or breast strap.
  • The rider’s feet are held in place by stirrups, which are footholds attached to the saddle by a strap.
  • The term “reins” refers to the long straps, which may be made of leather, metal, or nylon, that are linked to the bridle and used to guide and lead a horse.
  • A bridle is a harness that is fastened around the head of the horse and is often connected to a lead line in order to either direct or restrain the animal. Sometimes called a halter because of its function.
  • The word “bit” refers to the piece of metal that is fastened to a bridle and is placed in the horse’s mouth.
  • A hackamore is a specific kind of halter or bridle in which the bit is replaced by a noseband to direct the horse’s movement.
  • A breastplate or neck strap is often connected to a horse’s martingale using a strap known as a martingale.

Blinkers, boots, nosebags, and chamfrons are just some of the many different types of gear that are used in the sport of horseback riding.

While certain pieces of tack are used in each and every ride, others are only used on a sporadic basis.


It is not very difficult to make tack by braiding paracord, but you will need to conduct some research and get some experience first. It is a good idea to go through the many instructional films that are now accessible. These videos provide detailed, step-by-step directions as well as designs for any kind of tack that you could want to make.

Before you start, it’s also a very good idea to familiarize yourself with the various methods of tying knots, put in some practice, and become excellent at it. You will save a lot of aggravation if you practice braiding, tying knots, and following detailed step-by-step instructions.

This will also help you make equipment that is both appealing and safe for your horse to use.