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How To Measure A Horse Saddle

how to measure a horse saddle

It’s crucial to get a new saddle with the proper seat size and flap arrangement. All of these things will help you maintain equilibrium and develop healthy habits. A saddle is a significant investment. Below is the right way how to measure a horse saddle.


Measuring The Seat Of The Saddle

It’s crucial that the saddle is level when taking measurements. It will be considerably simpler to measure as a result. Measure the distance with a measuring tape between the cantle’s center and the center of the pommel’s button. This will be approximately 17″ for most adult-sized saddles. Teenagers could find that a 16″ saddle fits them better, and taller riders might discover that an 18″ saddle offers a little more pelvic support.

Put your feet in the stirrups and sit in the middle of your saddle with your horse balanced appropriately in the saddle and on level ground. If your hand cannot fit between where you are sitting and the back of the saddle, your seat may be too tiny. As a general rule, while you’re seated firmly in the saddle, you should be able to fit your hands comfortably in front of and behind you.

Measuring The Forward Flap

Your selected stirrup length will be well-matched by a flap that fits properly to the shape of your leg. The most forward point of your flap should be just behind and in line with the tip of your knee. An inch of the excess flap in front of the knee that falls naturally is okay and will offer stability and security.

A forward flap may more effectively accommodate the natural angle of the leg for riders with lengthy thighs. You may want a forward flap if you frequently discover that your knee crosses the front of the saddle. The most forward portion of a flap will move even further forward when it is marked as “forward.”

Measuring The Flap Length

The rider’s leg length can be used to gauge the flap’s total length. A flap that doesn’t catch on the top of your tall riding boots is especially important because it should hit about one-third of the way down your leg. A long flap could better fit your natural leg position if you have longer legs but need a smaller seat.

The length of the flap depends on the seat size and saddle type because the length of the flap might vary depending on the saddle maker. You can require a more forward or lengthy flap depending on the length of your stirrups while riding, your own particular anatomy, and your riding preferences.

Final Thoughts On How To Measure A Horse Saddle

Correct saddle measurement is a terrific method to know what to include or exclude in your next saddle purchase. This advice may help you locate the optimum fit given the wide variety of unique configurations available.