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How to Prevent and Treat Wind Puffs in Horses?

how to prevent and treat wind puffs in horses


Sidebone or wind puffs, which are common in horses, is caused by an enlargement on the coffin bone. This condition is more common in racehorses than any other horse. Wind puffs can be prevented by early detection. We will be discussing how to treat and prevent wind puffs in horses.

What are Wind Puffs?

Wind puffs can be caused by an enlargement in the coffin bone of the horse’s feet. The enlargement causes a larger number of bony structures on the side of the foot. This can lead to lameness and pain. This condition is often caused by inflammation of tendon sheath. It can also be caused by poor footwear, excessive work or lack of nutrition. Wind puffs may also be an indicator of more serious conditions, such as navicular diseases, so it is important that the horse is properly assessed by a veterinarian.

Signs and Symptoms

Wind puffs can be described as swelling and pain on the side of the feet. Horses may be unable to move or show lameness. You may also notice heat in the feet, tenderness to the touch, and clicking sounds when you walk.

What causes wind puffs?

Wind puffs can result from a number of factors including overwork, poor shoeing or insufficient nutrition. Wind puffs can be caused by poor fitting shoes, excessive work on horses, and insufficient nutrition.

Preventing Wind Puffs

Wind puffs can be prevented by ensuring that your horse is properly shod, not overworked and is getting proper nutrition. It is important to have the right shoes. An imbalance in the hoof can cause the coffin bone and the hoof to grow. Wind puffs can be increased by overworking horses, which can cause inflammation of the tendon sheath. Also, it is important to ensure that your horse receives proper nutrition. Wind puffs can be prevented by a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Regular hoof care can also help prevent wind puffs from developing.

Wind Puffs Treatment

Wind puffs can be treated depending on their severity. For mild cases, the horse might just need to rest and change his shoes. For more serious cases, anti-inflammatory medication and/or shockwave therapy may be necessary. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the horse to have the coffin bone removed surgically.

What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy uses sound waves to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. This therapy can reduce inflammation, promote tissue healing, and improve circulation. Wind puffs are often treated with shockwave therapy. It can reduce inflammation and pain.

What is Surgery for Wind Puffs (or Surgery for Wind Puffs)?

Sometimes, it may be necessary for the surgeon to remove an enlarged section of the coffin bones. Arthrodesis is a procedure that is recommended for severe wind puffs. The surgery’s goal is to reduce the size and lameness of the coffin bone.


Horses suffering from wind puffs can be difficult to manage. However, proper care and treatment can help the horse to recover. To prevent wind puffs from causing further damage, it is important to identify the symptoms early and provide the best possible treatment. Wind puffs can be prevented by proper shoeing, not overworking horses, and proper nutrition. Wind puffs can also be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, shockwave therapy and rest.


Can wind puffs be prevented?

Wind puffs can be avoided by making sure that your horse is properly shod and not being overworked. Also, make sure that your horse gets the right nutrition.