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How To Properly Dismount A Horse

How To Properly Dismount A Horse

You should practice dismounting in a location that is secure when learning to do so. It helps to have someone hold the horse at first. Poor dismounting puts the rider and horse in danger and causes the horse discomfort. Continue reading to learn how to properly dismount a horse.

Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear are advised because you will be dismounting after riding. A helmet while riding is also necessary. You should saddle and bridle your horse. You might want to practice without reins at first, but only if someone else is holding the horse for you.


Proper Steps To Dismount A Horse

You want to dismount securely from your horse after your ride with the least amount of discomfort possible for both of you. You can get off easily if you practice these steps.

  1. Secure your horse and let it stand still
  2. Take remove both of your feet from the stirrups. This is crucial to prevent tangles as you descend.
  3. Remove both feet from the stirrups and place the reins in your left hand. Put your right hand on the horse’s neck or the pommel.
  4. Lean forward and put your weight onto your arms while keeping both hands on the horse’s neck slightly in front of the withers. Your seat ought to emerge slightly from the saddle.
  5. Lift and pass your right leg across the horse’s hindquarters. Make sure to lift it high enough to clear the saddle’s back and the horse’s hindquarters. Your leg must elevate high enough to pass the saddle’s cantle if you don’t want to kick your horse in the hindquarters. To avoid colliding with any of the machinery or landing close to the horse’s legs, you should significantly distance yourself from the animal. You’ll be able to vault off thanks to the momentum of your leg and the shifting of your weight over the horse’s forehand.
  6. When you land on your feet, flex your knees to lessen the impact. To balance yourself, stand up straight and move closer.
  7. Once you are moving, take a hold of the reins with your right hand close to the bit and lift them over the horse’s head to lead it. To prevent the reins from dangling on the ground, one hand is placed beneath the horse’s chin while the other grasps the bight of the reins.

Final Thoughts On How To Properly Dismount A Horse

Some riders dismount by leaving their left foot in the stirrup until their right foot touches the ground, moving their right foot out of the stirrup and shifting their weight into the left stirrup. The saddle and the horse’s back are put under extra stress as a result. It should only be utilized if the rider is unable to employ the suggested way.