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How To Properly Mount A Horse

How To Properly Mount A Horse

Using a mounting block makes riding a horse simpler for you, kinder on the horse’s back, and better for your saddle. Ensure the mounting tool is reliable and secure. When utilized as a mounting block, rickety fence railings, worn-out chairs, and thin plastic buckets might be dangerous. Read more to learn how to properly mount a horse.

You can lower the stirrup a few holes so that you can reach it with your toe if you don’t have a mounting block, your horse is tall, and your legs are short. An extension for stirrups is another option. Once mounted, don’t forget to readjust the stirrup leather to the correct length.


Mount A Horse Step-By-Step

Make sure the girth is secure enough to prevent the saddle from slipping when you pull yourself up before mounting a horse. Set the length of both of your stirrups by lowering them. Check to determine if your horse is alert, calm, and standing straight.

Ensure Safety

Make sure your girth or cinch is snug before you go on. Make a last check to ensure that all of your bridle buckles are secured. Make sure the length of your stirrups is appropriate. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

Before Riding

Face either your horse’s front or backside while standing on the left side of him. Turn the stirrup in your direction clockwise if you are facing backward. Turn the stirrup one-half of a turn counterclockwise if you are facing forward. You can avoid having the leather or fender twisted under your leg once you are seated by taking a moment to set the stirrup.


The ball of your left foot should be comfortably resting on the stirrup’s bottom when you lift it into the stirrup. Your left hand should be holding the reins and tuft of mane, while your right hand should now be holding the saddle’s cantle. Your right leg will be poised to leap and balance your weight.

Riding The Horse

Put your right foot in the stirrup and your left hand on the offside of the saddle. Your arms and hands serve only as a means of support. Your leg’s spring should help you ascend. Sometimes performing a few hesitant springs will help you generate momentum.

Release your right hand and raise it to grab the reins as you center yourself over the horse’s withers. Swing your free leg up and over the saddle’s cantle at the same moment. Lift your leg high enough so that it doesn’t collide with the saddle’s back or the horse’s hindquarters. Sit down in the saddle slowly.

Properly Mounting The Horse

Sit up straight on your horse after selecting the appropriate stirrup. Set up the reins so you can grasp them correctly. To make it simpler to locate the stirrup, some people choose to turn the stirrup leather using their right hand.

Final Thoughts On How To Properly Mount A Horse

While you’re trying to get into the saddle if the horse ever starts to pull away, slide off. Stop the horse, calm it down, and then remount. When handling a nervous horse, it is safest to either be completely on the ground or seated.