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How to Properly Store Your Horse Riding Gear?

how to properly store your horse riding gear


Horse riding is a popular sport and requires a lot of gear. It is important to take care of your equipment in order to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Proper storage will ensure that your horse riding gear lasts longer and stays in great condition. This article will show you how to store your horse riding gear properly so it lasts for many years.

Get your gear cleaned and dried

It is important that your horse riding gear is dry and clean before you store it. This will prevent mold growth and keep your gear in great condition. Use mild soap and water to clean your gear. Dry it completely. Use a soft cloth to clean your gear. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Keep it dry

It is important to dry your gear after it has dried completely. This will prevent moisture from damaging your gear. You should keep your gear in a controlled environment such as a garage or closet. You should ensure that the area is clean and free of dirt or dust, as these can cause damage.

Get organized with your gear

It is important to organize your gear in order to keep it in top condition. To keep your gear organized, use hooks, bins or shelves. You can also keep track of items that have to be repaired or replaced.

Protective covers are recommended

Protective covers are a great way of keeping your gear in top condition. Protect your saddle, bridle and other items from dirt and dust by using covers. Covers that allow air circulation and are breathable should be used.

Securely store

To protect your gear from theft and damage, it is important to keep it in a safe place. This is the best place to store your gear if you have a barn or another enclosed space. You can also use a lockable storage container, or a locked cabinet.

Make sure to check your gear regularly

It is important to inspect your gear regularly once it has been stored. You should inspect your gear regularly for wear and tear, and replace or repair any damaged items. This will ensure that your gear is in top condition so you can enjoy your ride for many years.


Proper storage is crucial for horse riding gear. Before storing your horse riding gear in dry places, clean it thoroughly. Protect your gear from dust and dirt by organizing it. Keep your gear safe and make sure to check it for wear and tear. These tips will ensure that your gear lasts for many years.


How do you store your horse riding gear?

It is best to dry your horse riding gear, clean it and place it in a dry area. Then organize it and use protective covers. Finally, keep it in a safe place.

How often should I inspect my horse riding gear and saddle?

Regularly inspect your horse riding gear for wear and tear, and replace or repair as necessary. To ensure that your horse riding gear is in top condition, it’s a good idea for you to inspect it before every ride. Check out this article for more information on how to store horse riding gear.


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