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How to Teach a Horse to Ground Tie?

how to teach a horse to ground tie


Any horse should learn ground tying. Ground tying allows horses to be left alone and ensures that they don’t get lost. Ground tie is the process of teaching your horse to stay in one place until you give it the release command. This article will give you a step by step guide and some tips to help make it easier.

Getting Started

There are some things you should have before you can teach your horse how to ground tie. First, you will need a long lead rope. This will allow you to communicate with your horse from a distance and give you safety. The second option is treats or a clicker. A clicker is a way to indicate the behavior you desire. Treats are a great way of rewarding your horse for good behavior.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create the Release

Establishing the release command is the first step to teaching your horse how to ground tie. This is the command that you use to let your horse know it is free to move. This command can be verbal, like “okay” and “go”, or it can be a hand signal. Begin by standing in front your horse and giving the “release command”. Reward your horse with a treat, clicker, or treat when it moves. Keep doing this until your horse responds.

Step 2: Install the Lead Rope

After your horse responds to the release command you can attach the lead rope. Attach the lead rope to the horse’s halter and ask your horse to follow your lead. Give your horse the freedom command while you walk and reward him with a treat, clicker or treat. Continue this process until your horse becomes comfortable with the lead rope.

Step 3: Attach the ground tie

After your horse has become comfortable with the lead rope you can start to tie the ground. Begin by getting your horse to stand still. Next, attach the lead rope to an object that is securely attached. After the lead rope is attached, you can give your horse the “release” command. Reward your horse with a treat, clicker, or treat if it stays still. Give your horse a gentle tug on its lead rope to encourage it to stay still.

Step 4: Increase Distance

You can increase the distance once your horse is used to the ground tie. Begin by moving a little away from your horse and giving it the release command. Reward your horse with a treat, clicker, or treat if it stays in its place. Increase the distance until your horse can be left alone for a few moments.

Tips and tricks

Be Patient

It can take a while to teach a horse how to tie his shoes. Do not rush and reward your horse for his good behavior.

Reduce it

Try breaking down the ground tie into smaller steps if your horse has difficulty understanding it. Begin by having your horse stand still in one spot, then move on to the whole ground tie.

Be consistent

When teaching your horse to ground tie, it is important to be consistent. Use the same release command each time, and praise your horse for good behavior.


Q: How long does it take to get my horse to tie the ground?

A: It all depends on the horse. However, it can take several weeks to get a horse to tie his feet. You should be patient and allow your horse to go at his pace.

Q: What do I do if my horse doesn’t want to stay put?

A: Try giving your horse a gentle tug on its lead rope to get it to stay put. If your horse stays put, you can reward it by giving it a treat or clicking on its nose.


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