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How to Teach a Horse to Jump on the Trail?

how to teach a horse to jump on the trail

How do you teach a horse to jump on the trail?

While you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air on a trail ride, suddenly there is a jump in front of you. You feel anxious and your heart starts to race. It’s not clear if your horse will be able jump the jump. Don’t worry! You can train your horse to jump on the trails with a little training. Here’s how:

1. Begin with small jumps

Start with small jumps if your horse isn’t used to jumping or hasn’t jumped in a while. In your arena, or on an open field, set up a small crossrail or cavaletti. Ask your horse to lead you up to the jump. To encourage your horse forward, gently nudge him with your leg if he hesitates.

2. Reward your horse

Reward your horse after he has completed the jump by giving him a pat and a treat. This will encourage him to associate jumping with positive things.

3. You can increase your jumps

You can build up to bigger jumps once your horse has mastered the art of jumping small jumps. Start slowly, and increase the jumps gradually.

4. Practice, practice and practice

Your horse will feel more confident when you practice jumping. Get out there and jump!


1. Are all horses able to jump?

Although most horses can learn how to jump, some horses may have more natural tendencies than others. Talk to your veterinarian or qualified trainer if you are unsure if your horse is able to jump.

2. My horse is afraid to jump. What can I do to make my horse more comfortable with jumping?

Start by making your horse trust you if he is afraid of jumping. Build a trusting and respectful relationship with your horse. Next, work on the small jumps described above. Consider hiring a trainer to help your horse if he is still fearful.

Similar FAQs

1. How can I get my horse to jump higher?

To teach your horse how to jump higher, increase the height of the jumps that you are using. Ground poles can be used to teach your horse to lift his legs higher.

2. How can I get my horse to jump above water?

Begin by teaching your horse how to jump in small puddles and creeks. Gradually increase the size of your horse’s water jump. To help your horse feel the water hitting his legs, you can use a sprayer or hose.