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How to Teach a Horse to Longe?

how to teach a horse to longe

Introduction to Longeing Horses

Longeing a horse can be used to teach a horse how to respond to commands. A long line is used to attach the horse to the trainer. This allows the trainer to keep the horse safe while giving commands to the horse. This is used to build the horse’s mental and physical strength as well as teach basic commands. This article will explain the basics of longeing horses and give tips on how to teach them to longe.

What you will need

There are some items that you need before you can start longeing your horses. A long line is the most important thing. This is a rope or a strap that attaches to your horse’s halter. A whip, treats, and an earring are also necessary.

Longe Line

You should be able to stand at least 20ft away from your horse with the length of the longe line. It should be strong enough to withstand pulling by horses.


The horse should feel secure and the halter should fit comfortably around his head. It should be made from durable material so that it won’t fall off if the horse pulls.


Longeing is possible with the whip. The whip is used to communicate commands to the horse and direct his movements. The whip should reach the horse from the ground but not be too long to cause injury to him or others.


Horses love treats. They are great for rewarding them for their good behavior. Treats can be used to get the horse to obey commands and encourage him to follow the correct path.

How to Start Longeing a Horse

Step 1: Attach your Longe Line

Attach the longe line to your halter. You must ensure that the longe line is secure and won’t fall off.

Step 2: Prepare your horse

It is essential to ensure that the horse is ready before you start longeing. You need to make sure your horse is calm, relaxed and focused on you. This can be done by spending time with your horse, talking to them and giving them treats.

Step 3: Give commands

After the horse has been prepared, you can start giving commands. You can start by instructing the horse to walk, then to jog and then to gallop. Use the whip to aid the horse in understanding the commands.

Step 4: Use treats

Give the horse a treat after it has obeyed a command. This will make the horse understand that you are rewarding it for following your instructions.

Step 5: Increase Distance

You can increase the distance between the horse and you if the horse is able to understand the commands and responds well. This will make the horse more comfortable with longeing.

Tips to Teach a Horse To Live Longer

Be Patient

It takes patience and time to learn how to longe. Do not expect your horse to immediately understand the commands. Be patient and take your time with your horse.

Be consistent

When teaching horses to longe, consistency is important. You should use the same commands each time and the same techniques. This will make it easier for the horse to understand your commands.

Be positive

Positive reinforcement is essential when longeing a horse. Positive reinforcement means rewarding a horse with treats and praising him for his good behavior. This will make the horse understand that you are rewarding it for what it does.

Use visual cues

Visual cues are a great way for horses to understand commands. The whip can be used to point the direction the horse should go, or you can use flags to show the horse when to stop or turn.