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How to Teach a Horse to Perform a Canter Full-Pirouette?

how to teach a horse to perform a canter full pirouette


Canter full-pirouette can be one of the most spectacular moves a horse can do. This requires the horse to move in large circles, execute a perfect turn and canter while moving in a perfect circle. This beautiful movement is loved by dressage riders. It is both difficult and beautiful. It can be difficult for horse and rider to teach a horse how to canter full-pirouette. However, practice and patience are key. This article will show you how to teach your horse to canter full-pirouette.

The basics

Before teaching a horse how to canter full-pirouette, make sure they are familiar with basic dressage movements. A horse should be capable of cantering in both directions and maintaining a steady trot. A basic pirouette is a quarter turn performed while cantering. Once they feel comfortable with the basic movements, they can move on to the more challenging full-pirouette canter.

Establishing the Foundation

After the horse has mastered the basics, it is time to teach the horse how to canter full-pirouette. This is where the horse learns to move in a large circle and to maintain balance. The horse should be capable of moving in a circular motion without the assistance of the rider and should be able maintain a steady trot. Comfortable with the rider’s aids such as hand and leg aids should be a requirement for horses.

The Full-Pirouette

The next step is to teach the full-pirouette. The horse should be asked to complete a full circle, while still maintaining a canter. The rider should continue to use the same aids to create the large circle and encourage the horse’s balance and control. Horses should be praised for their efforts and rewarded.

Increase the difficulty

The rider can increase the difficulty by asking the horse to do a full-pirouette. You can ask the horse to move in smaller circles. This will allow the horse to learn balance and control as well as to better understand the rider’s instructions. The rider can add transitions or changes of direction as the horse gains confidence in their ability to move in tight circles.

All of it together

The rider can start to put the pieces together once the horse is familiar with the movements and can maintain the full-pirouette canter. Ask the horse to do a full-pirouette in straight lines, and make transitions or changes of direction. The horse must also be able respond to the rider’s commands and move on the correct lead. These movements will help the horse to canter with grace and balance.


It can be difficult to teach a horse how to canter full-pirouette, but it is possible with patience and practice. The rider can help the horse develop balance and control by establishing a foundation, and then introducing the full-pirouette. The rider can add in transitions and changes of direction as the horse gains confidence. The horse will soon be able to canter full-pirouette without assistance with enough practice.


What is a full-pirouette canter?

A full-pirouette canter is when the horse canter in a circle and executes a perfect canter, while also performing a full turn.

How long does it take for a horse learn to canter full-pirouette?

Learning to canter fully-pirouette can take many months. It is important that you are patient with your horse and work slowly and systematically with him.