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How to Teach a Horse to Perform a Canter Full-Pirouette on the Haunches?

how to teach a horse to perform a canter full pirouette on the haunches


Canter full-pirouette on your haunches, which requires a horse to perform a 360-degree turn on his hind legs and maintain a canter, is an impressive dressage move. It can be difficult to teach a horse this maneuver, but it is possible with patience and guidance. This article will show you how to teach your horse to canter on its haunches.

The basics

Before teaching a horse how to canter on his haunches and do a full-pirouette, it is important that they are comfortable with basic dressage maneuvers like cantering in circles and moving off the rider’s legs. The horse should also be well-trained in the half-halt. This is a dressage maneuver that requires the rider to use their legs and seat to slow the horse down and then transition.

Training begins

The next step in training is to get the horse comfortable with the basics. First, introduce the horse’s ability to turn on its hind legs. You can ask the horse to turn on the hind legs by placing your legs and seat in front of it. Then reward the horse if it does so correctly. The horse should then be asked to change from a trot into a canter, and back. This will allow the horse to understand the concept and how to change between gaits. The rider can introduce the concept of turning the hind legs when the horse canter. You can ask the horse to make a circle and then slowly reduce the circle size until the horse is able to turn on his hind legs.

Moving forward

The rider can introduce full-pirouettes to horses once they are comfortable turning on their hind legs. You can ask your horse to turn on its hind legs, maintain a canter, and then increase the size of the turn until it is capable of performing a complete 360-degree turn. This maneuver should be performed with comfort and relaxation. If the horse starts to resist or tense up, the rider should take control and let the horse relax before trying the maneuver again. Reward the horse for performing the maneuver correctly with praises and treats.


It is not easy to teach a horse how to canter on his hind legs. This requires patience, skill, understanding, and patience. It is possible with the right training and guidance to accomplish this feat.


What is a half-halt?

Half-halting is a dressage maneuver in which the rider uses their legs and seat to request the horse slow down and to transition. This maneuver is essential for teaching horses how to canter on their haunches.

Can a professional trainer teach this maneuver to a horse?

Although it is possible to show a horse how to do this maneuver, it is not recommended. If you’re unsure how to go about it, it is best to consult a professional.

How can you reward your horse for this feat?

Rewarding horses for doing this maneuver correctly is the best way to do it. This will make the horse feel confident and reinforce the behavior you want.