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How to Teach a Horse to Perform a Flying Change on a Circle?

how to teach a horse to perform a flying change on a circle


It is difficult but rewarding to teach a horse how to do a flying circle. You need patience, dedication, and a good technique. This article will help you to teach your horse how to fly. This article will explain the basics of teaching horses to fly, and provide tips and tricks that can help them succeed. We’ll also cover safety concerns and equipment, as well as two FAQs that will answer your questions.

What is a Flying Change?

Flying changes are a dressage movement where the horse moves in a circle and its lead leg is changed mid-stride. This is a difficult movement that requires coordination between the horse and rider. The horse must be able to move its lead leg with no loss of balance or rhythm. A flying change is a high-level movement that is often used in dressage competitions.

Equipment required

It is essential to have the right equipment before you begin the training process. These include a stable bridle, saddle and girth. A dressage whip, dressage arena markers and dressage whip are also useful in defining boundaries. These markers can be used for creating a circle within the arena that will house the flying change.

Training process

Step 1: Establish a Good Working Relationship

Establishing a working relationship with your horse is the first step to teaching your horse how to fly. Spend some time with your horse to bond and make sure that you are comfortable as the rider. This will allow you to communicate with your horse and make it easier for them to work together during the rest of their training.

Step 2: Create the Circle

The flying change is incomplete without the circle. Begin by showing the circle to your horse. As your horse grows, you can start with a smaller circle and increase in size. Before moving onto the next step, make sure your horse is comfortable with this circle.

Step 3: Apply the Flying Change

After your horse has become comfortable with the circle, introduce the flying change. Begin by riding your horse in the figure 8 pattern. Gradually increase the size of each figure eight. You can request a flying change from your horse as you move from one side to the other of the figure eight.

Step 4: Practice, refine

The final step is to practice the flying change and improve it. Throughout this process, it is important to be patient with your horse and remain consistent. After each successful attempt, reward your horse by giving him a treat. Your horse will soon master flying change if you give it enough practice.

Safety concerns

Teaching a horse how to fly can be dangerous. Horses can become disoriented and lose control. Keep your horse moving at a safe pace and your feet in the right position. Slow down if your horse loses control.


It can be difficult but rewarding to teach a horse how to do a flying circle. You can teach your horse this difficult dressage move with patience, dedication, proper technique and good technique. Begin with a close working relationship with your horse. Then, gradually introduce the circle. You can practice the movements until your horse is comfortable with them. Remember safety and don’t lose control of your horse.


What equipment is necessary to teach horses to fly?

To create a circle within the arena, you will need a stable bridle, saddle and girth.

How long does it take for a horse learn to fly?

It all depends on the horse and rider. However, it can take several weeks to months to train a horse to fly.