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How to Teach a Horse to Perform a Flying Change on a Straight Line?

how to teach a horse to perform a flying change on a straight line


It takes a lot of patience, dedication, skill, and skill to teach a horse how to do a flying turn in a straight line. This maneuver requires that the horse switch its lead leg mid-stride. It can be difficult to teach, especially if it is the first time they learn the skill. This article will give you an overview of how to teach your horse to fly in a straight line. We also provide some tips and tricks.

Overview of the Steps

Step 1: Begin with basic dressage skills

It is essential to ensure that the horse has basic dressage skills, such as collection, transitions, and counter canter, before you attempt to teach them how to fly. These skills will enable the horse to grasp the concept of changing leads and make it easier to teach the flying change.

Step 2: Counter Canter

After you have mastered basic dressage skills, it is time to learn counter canter. Counter canter is a two beat canter where the horse changes his lead every two strides. This skill is essential for horses to learn before they attempt a flying change.

Step 3: Apply the Flying Change

After the horse has become comfortable with the counter canter, you can introduce the concept to the flying change. You can ask your horse to change leads mid-stride, instead of waiting for the two beat canter. This should be done gradually and slowly, giving the horse plenty of time to learn the new skill.

Step 4: Practice Practice Practice

Next, practice the flying change repeatedly. This is a difficult step that can take some time as the horse must become comfortable with the new skill before they can perform it correctly. Start with small circles and work your way up to more complex circles.

Step 5: Reward the horse

The final step is to thank the horse for his hard work. You can reward your horse with praise, treats, and scratches. Rewarding the horse for his effort is important as it will reinforce the behavior and help him remember the new skill.

Tips and tricks

Tip 1 – Take your time

When teaching a horse how to fly, it is important to take your own time. This skill is very advanced and should not be done in a hurry. Allow the horse to learn the new skill and be patient with him.

Tip 2 – Break it Down

It is helpful to break down a skill into smaller steps when teaching it. This will make it easier to teach the horse the new skill and help him remember it.

Tip 3: Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an important part in teaching horses a new skill. Reward your horse for learning a new skill. This will encourage him to remember it.


Q: What’s a flying change?

A: A flying turn is an advanced dressage skill that involves the horse changing its lead leg mid-stride. This skill is difficult to learn and requires patience.

Q: How long does a horse take to learn to fly?

R: Teaching a horse how to fly can take several weeks or even months. It all depends on the horse’s willingness and ability to learn.


It takes patience, dedication, skill, and skill to teach a horse how to do a flying turn in a straight line. These steps should be a good starting point to teach the skill. Take your time and break down the task into smaller steps. Use positive reinforcement to reward your horse for his efforts. You should be able teach your horse how to do a flying turn in a straight line with patience and practice.


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