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How to Teach a Horse to Perform a Turn on the Haunches?

how to teach a horse to perform a turn on the haunches


Horse and rider must have the ability to turn on their haunches. This is essential for maneuvering in tight places. This can be a great tool to teach a horse how to respond to you and work together as a team. This article will cover how to teach horses to turn on their haunches. We’ll go over the basics and more advanced techniques. We’ll also be discussing how to troubleshoot issues and how to help horses gain the confidence to perform turns on the haunches.

What is a Turn on the Haunches and How Does it Work?

A turn on the hindquarters is a movement where the horse turns in a circle and the rider stays in the middle. The horse will move forward and to the side simultaneously, creating a circle around its rider. This movement is also known as “turning on the forehand” and “turning in position”.

How to teach a horse to turn on the haunches

Step 1: Preparation

It is crucial to make sure that your horse is relaxed and comfortable before you begin teaching him how to turn his haunches. Spend some time with the horse, grooming it and then let the horse explore the area.

Step 2: Get Warm

After the horse has become comfortable and relaxed, it’s time to start the warm-up. Start with simple circles during the walk and then move onto trot circles. The circles should be kept tight and centered on your horse. This will make it easier for the horse to understand what is expected.

Step 3: Teaching the Turn

After the horse has been trained and is comfortable with the idea of a circle you can begin to teach him the turn on his haunches. Begin by asking your horse to move away from you and make a small circle. To cue the horse, use your voice and body language. Keep your horse moving away from you by applying pressure to the reins. You can also use your legs and feet to help the horse move. Reward the horse with a pat on the back and a “good boy” when it has completed a full circle.

Step 4: Troubleshooting common issues

Even with all the training and preparation, it is possible for horses to struggle with turning on their haunches. To give the horse more freedom, if it is refusing to turn, you can use a longer rein. To slow down the horse’s speeding around the turn, you can use a shorter rein. To get the horse to turn in the right direction, apply more pressure with your legs.

Step 5: Building confidence

It is now time to increase the horse’s confidence. Begin by asking your horse to make bigger circles and gradually increase the size of each turn. You can introduce more complicated movements like serpentines and changes in direction as the horse gains confidence.


Horsemanship is all about turning on the haunches. This skill is essential for every rider. You can train your horse to turn on the haunches with patience and practice. This will help you build a trusting partnership with your horse. Keep your eyes on the goal and use the troubleshooting tips in this article if you have any problems.


What’s the point of turning on your haunches?

A turn on the haunches helps the horse to be more responsive to the rider’s cues, and allows the rider to maneuver the horse in tight spaces.

How long does it take for a horse learn to turn on its haunches?

It all depends on the horse’s experience and level. Most horses can learn to turn their haunches with patience and practice in just a few weeks.