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How to Train a Horse to Accept a Saddle?

how to train a horse to accept a saddle


Horses can be majestic and can be a joy when they are trained properly. Before you can teach your horse how to accept a saddle, however, it is necessary to first learn how to ride. Some horses are more comfortable with saddles than others. Others require patience and time. This article will explain how to train horses to accept saddles.

Steps to train a horse to accept a saddle

1. Make the horse feel loved

It is important that you get your horse used to being touched before you start putting a saddle on him. This will make them more comfortable with the saddle and allow them to feel secure around you. Begin by gently stroking your horse’s body, then gradually work your way up to the areas where the saddle will be installed.

2. Introduce the Saddle

You can start to introduce the saddle once your horse is used to being touched. Place the saddle on your horse’s back, and let them feel it. Then, you can rub the saddle with a cloth to help the horse get used to its smell and feel.

3. De-sensitize the Horse to the Saddle

You can start to make your horse comfortable in the saddle by placing it on their back. You can do this by gradually increasing the saddle’s weight, from light to heavier. To help your horse get used to the saddle, you can use a saddle blanket.

4. Place the saddle on the horse

After your horse is comfortable with the weight and saddle, you can start to place it on the horse. You should do this slowly and gently and keep an eye on the horse’s behavior. If your horse seems uncomfortable or scared, you can take a step back to try again later.


It can be difficult to train a horse how to accept a saddle. But patience and dedication are key. You can make your horse feel comfortable in the saddle, and eventually allow him to enjoy riding.


1. How long does it take for a horse or pony to accept a saddle?

Horse to horse, the amount of time required to teach a horse how to accept a saddle can vary. It can take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months depending on your horse’s temperament, and how much effort and time you put into it.

2. Is it safe for a horse to be ridden if the saddle is still on?

It is unsafe to ride a horse who isn’t used to riding in a saddle. Before horses can safely be ridden, they must be properly trained and familiarized with the saddle.