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What are the Ideal Horse Tree Saddles for a Big Person?

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Ideal Horse Tree Saddles for a Big Person: While we do not want to insult any of our readers, we are firm believers that this is an issue that must be addressed in complete transparency. Because the problem of adequate saddle fit is not exclusive just to larger riders — all riders and all horses can and will benefit from a well fitting saddle.  Heavy riders, on the other hand, present a whole other set of obstacles.

Even if you are a big person, it is more than possible to enjoy horseback ridingvassuming that the horse is suitable to your size and riding talents, that your riding posture is balanced, and that you have a well constructed saddle that fits both you and your horse.

Saddles should first and foremost be comfortable for the horse, but they must also be suitable for the rider.
Saddles for both English and Western riders are available in a variety of sizes and heights to suit their needs.

The choice of a horse for a big & heavier rider should be based on whether or not the horse has a large enough saddle support area/weight bearing surface to accommodate a larger saddle that is appropriate for the rider’s conformational demands.

When choosing a saddle, it is critical that it fits the rider first. If it does not, no matter how well the saddle fits the horse, the rider’s pain as a result of a poor rider saddle fit will always be transmitted to the horse.

This makes it difficult for both the horse and the rider to achieve their maximum potential. Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when fitting a saddle to a rider – one of which is ensuring that the saddle is appropriate for the rider’s gender!

Some of the points to keep in mind while choosing a tree saddle for a big person:

  • Seat size – to allow for the butt cheeks to be accommodated
  • Seat Width-is used to accommodate for the bigger seat bones.
  • Seat Waist- which refers to the seaming in the crotch region that has to be broader for women in order to prevent pain in the female genitals (as well as rubbing on the underwear line!) and narrower for males!
  • Stirrup Bar Positioning – which is a term used to describe the placement of a stirrup bar –  women generally will need extended stirrup bars since their upper legs are usually longer than their lower legs, which affects where the leg hangs
  • Twist– women often need narrower twists than males – this is the region of the saddle between the upper inner thighs where the twist is applied. This allows for their hip movement and the angle of the hip socket to be accommodated. This has to be quite thin, especially in heavier riders, since their thighs are likely to be rather thick.
  • Seat Foam – women who have shorter tailbones and stronger gluteus muscles need additional support from behind in order to avoid ‘falling back’ in the saddle.

Below we have listed some top choices of ideal tree saddles for a big person.

Big Horn Custom Light Flex Tree Trail Saddle

Ideal Horse Tree Saddles for a Big Person
Big Horn Custom Light Flex Tree Trail Saddle


Whether you’re riding in the morning or the evening, this smooth, flexible FQHB trail saddle that you can find will keep you comfortable and on your horse from sunrise to sunset. The dual density memory foam seat cushioning is one of the most comfortable seats on the market, and it is also very durable and resistant to wear and tear in high temperatures.

There is a non-slip surface on the inside of the skirt thanks to the use of top grain leather. Despite the attention to detail, additional gear straps, and aluminum rubber cushioned endurance stirrups, this saddle still weighs in at around 28lbs.
Saddle available in 15”, 16”, or 17”


  • Tree: Ralide flexible with full quarter horse bars
  • Weight: Approximately 28 lbs.
  • Gullet Width: Wide
  • Gullet Height: 7 1/2″
  • Horn: 2 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
  • Cantle: 1 1/2″ Cheyenne roll ; Wide Tree: 5″, Reg Tree: 4″
  • Seat: Grain out with dual density memory foam seat padding; Wide Tree:16″&17″, Reg Tree: 15″,16″,17″
  • Skirt: 24″ x 19″ tunnel skirt design. Skirt is lined with top grain leather.
  • Trim: Nickel Plated hardware with latigo tie strings. Back crupper dee
  • Stirrups: Aluminum rubber padded endurance stirrups
  • Rigging: In-skirt dropped C-plate rigging. Rear rigging for center-fire option

Big Horn Flex Tree Endurance Saddle

Ideal Horse Tree Saddles for a Big Person
Big Horn Flex Tree Endurance Saddle


Large gullet angle and a medium flexible tree are used to create this Big Horn Endurance Saddle, which is designed to accommodate athletic sport horses with well-defined bodies.

this tree saddle features a 4″ cantle with binding, 16″ grainout padded seat, and center fire rigging.

Short-backed horses will like the 23″ contoured, fleece-lined skirt, which is available in two lengths.

Smooth leather, stainless steel rings, and a rear crupper ring are used to complete the look. It is finished in #2 brown.

Snaps are included on both the front and rear saddle strings to allow for fast removal of all your stuff.


  • Tree: Equi-Fit flexible saddle tree. Full quarter horse bars 6 3/4″ gullet, wide endurance style.
  • Cantle: 4″ with 1″ cantle binding.
  • Stirrups: Ralide with leather foot pads.
  • Rigging: 3/4 position. Texas rigging. Center fire.
  • Seat: 16″ Grainout padded.
  • Finish: Hand rubbed Medium Oil
  • Trim: Smooth leather with saddle strings attached. Snaps on strings at front and rear, dee for attaching back strap and crupper.
  • Skirts: 23″ x 9″ Round, fleece lined.
  • Fenders: 17″ x 8″, nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles
  • Weight: Approx 25lbs

Big Horn Ralide Wide Flex Tree Saddle

Big Horn Ralide Wide Flex Tree Saddle


This saddle which was made in the USA has been created to suit both your horse and your budget, saving you money on both the cost and the weight of a traditional saddle.

Building was done on a Ralide flexible tree with Full Quarter Horse bars and rigging that was 7/8 conventional in design. The 16″ grainout seat with Dual Density Memory Foam cushioning will be a favorite of yours.

The 5″ cantle with cheyenne roll will keep you safe and secure under any circumstance.

Brown leather and cordura are used to complete the look, which includes leather conchos, breast collar dees, star conchos, and clipping dees for saddle strings.


  • Tree: Ralide flexible tree, full quarter horse bars
  • Rigging: 7/8 double conventional, heavy stainless steel dees.
  • Seat: Grainout with dual density padding
  • Cantle: 5″ with 1 1/2″ cheyenne roll
  • Skirt Length: 26″
  • Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys, cordura nylon skirts, fenders, and housings, leather conchos, breast collar dees, star conchos with clipping dees for attaching saddle strings.
  • Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad
  • Weight: 24
  • Finish: Brown

Final Thoughts on Ideal Horse Tree Saddles For A Big Person

Maintaining optimal saddle fit is critical for riders’ back health, and selecting the appropriate saddle for the rider is critical to achieving this goal.

Riders must be aware that saddles will need to be fitted on a regular basis because of the unnatural activity and weight placed on the animal’s back, the horse’s conformation will change – and the heavier the rider, the more frequently the saddle will need to be refitted to accommodate the constant change in the shape of the horse’s back.