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Top 8 Online Marketplaces for Used Horse Tack (Buy & Sale) in 2022

Horse Tack

How can you locate secondhand horse accoutrements for sale on the internet? The challenge of finding secondhand horse equipment for sale on equestrian markets is not a simple one to do. In this post, we will examine the top tack stores online in order to make it simpler for you to explore and choose your next used tack purchase.

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Horse Saddle Shop

Horse Saddle Shop has a great variety of products in their catalog, one of their leading categories is used tack and supplies, buy & sale.

Cleaned, inspected, and ready to ride used tack and saddles for equestrians and horse owners. They are one of the best american used horsed tack sellers online.


The HorseBuff Equestrian Marketplace is the quickest and most secure method to purchase and sell horse tack and other equestrian equipment at the best possible price.

HorseBuff is a very popular online marketplace for buying and selling equestrian equipment and accessories.

The fact is that they have the lowest sales commissions in the business while yet continuing to maintain the greatest Equestrian related advertising and marketing budget among all of our rivals, including that giant auction site, speaks volumes.


A secure and dependable marketplace for the equestrian community, HorseClicks is one of the largest and most established market places in the United States of America. There are many great horses, trailers, equipment, and properties for sale in our market place, as well as several other equine-related items and services.

Horse breeds that are suited for English and Western riding disciplines are classified and published on the site. There are over 100 horse breeds mentioned. Among the most popular products, HorseClicks holds many used tack and equipment for every equestrian needs.


TackTrader.com, which provides a superior classifieds experience, features high-quality new and used horse tack for sale online, as well as saddles, gear, show clothing, and new and used horse trailers for sale.


Shop for used horse gear on Etsy to find the most unique and personalized items from our riding and farm animals stores, as well as bespoke and handcrafted pieces from across the world.


On EquineNow, you may also discover excellent secondhand tack, straps, and supplies for sale. Used bridles, clothing, saddles, bits, and other horse equipment may be found here. It’s also completely free to list any used tack on our site.

Facebook Marketplace

In addition to Facebook Marketplace, you can also check out used horse tacks for sale online and in your local area. You may locate fantastic bargains or sell your unwanted goods.


Did anyone say “eBay”?

Well, yes. When you search for used horse tack for sale online eBay.com, you’ll find the greatest prices on used western horse tack since they have the widest online inventory. Many goods are eligible for free delivery; explore your favorite brands.

Choosing the Right Place for Used Horse Tack for Sale Online

Shopping or searching for a decent platform for buying and selling used tack online is not an easy task. With our top picks above, we hope we made it a little easier for you and helped you find the best used gear to buy, or a place to sell your own.