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What to Consider When Buying a Riding Helmet for Cross Country?

what to consider when buying a riding helmet for cross country


It can be thrilling to ride a horse across the country. You can experience challenging terrain and stunning scenery. It can also pose serious injuries. A riding helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment. There are many factors you should consider when buying a cross-country riding helmet.

Fit and Comfort

When buying a cross-country riding helmet, the most important thing to consider is its fit. The helmet should fit comfortably around the head but not be too tight. The chin straps must be long enough to securely hold the helmet but not too long to distract. The helmet should not be moved when the rider is moving.

Helmet Style

There are two types of riding helmets to choose from: low-profile and traditional. Low-profile helmets provide less coverage and are heavier than traditional helmets. It is important that you choose the right style for your needs.


Ventilation is another important aspect to consider when selecting a riding helmet. Ventilation will keep you cool and reduce fogging. Ventilation is a key feature of many helmets.

Safety Standards

It is crucial to ensure that your riding helmet meets all safety standards when purchasing one. It is important that the helmet be certified according to the specific riding conditions it will be used for. Cross-country helmets should be certified according to ASTM/SEI standards.


A lot of riding helmets include a visor that can be used to protect your eyes from the sun. To prevent fogging, the visor should be made from shatter-resistant material. The visor should also be easy to take off and replace.


When buying a riding helmet, price is an important consideration. You want to make sure you get the best protection possible without spending too much. You should also consider the cost of repairs and replacement parts, which can quickly add up.


There are many things to consider when buying a cross-country riding helmet. It should be comfortable to wear, fit well for cross country riding, be safe and reasonably priced. You should also consider ventilation, visor, as well as the cost of replacement parts. Riders can make the best buying decision when they purchase a riding helmet by taking the time to think about these things.


Which riding helmet is best for cross-country?

It all depends on the rider and their preferences. It is essential to choose a helmet that is comfortable, safe, and reasonably priced.

Cross-country riding requires helmets?

Cross-country riding requires that riders use a helmet. Helmets are intended to protect riders from head injuries and should be worn while riding.