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What to Consider When Buying a Riding Helmet for Equitation?

what to consider when buying a riding helmet for equitation


Safety is paramount when horseback riding. It is essential to have a riding helmet. However, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your horse. When buying a riding helmet for equitation there are several key considerations. These include fit, style, as well as materials. These considerations will be discussed in detail and you will have all the information you need for an informed purchase.

What is Equitation?

Equitation, a type of horseback riding that emphasizes the rider’s form and position, is called horseback riding. It is used often in competitions such as dressage and show jumping. A riding helmet is essential for safe and successful riding in equitation events.

Find the right fit

Fit is the most important aspect of a riding helmet for equitation. The helmet should fit correctly to protect your head in case of a fall, or other serious impacts. The helmet should fit snugly on your forehead and not move around. The helmet should fit snugly but not too tightly, and should not move when you shake it.

Helmet Fit Kits

Many helmet manufacturers offer fit kit options that allow you to measure your head and select the right size helmet. You can usually find fit kits online or in the shop where you purchased the helmet.

Professional fitting

A professional fitting is a great idea if you are unable to find the right fit kit or are unsure if your horse is the right size. Professional fitting is available at many equestrian shops. A professional can measure your head and fit you with the right helmet.

Style and Materials

After you have chosen the correct size helmet, you can begin to look at style and material. Equitation helmets are light and can be used to protect without restricting visibility or movement. There are many types of helmets, some made from leather and others made from modern materials such as Kevlar. Your preferences and the type or equitation that you use should be reflected in the style of the helmet.

Ventilation and Linings

Look for helmets with good ventilation and a soft lining when shopping. To keep your head cool and your skin comfortable while riding, ventilation is essential. Many helmets come with removable, washable liners that can be removed and washed. This helps keep your helmet free from bacteria.

Safety Standards

Make sure that the helmet you select meets the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM has established standards for helmet construction, materials and performance. It is important that you ensure the helmet you select meets these standards. A sticker or seal from ASTM means that the helmet has been approved and tested by ASTM.


It is important that you choose the correct style, fit, and material when buying a riding helmet to use for equitation. You should ensure that the helmet fits comfortably and securely. Also, choose the style and material that best suits your needs and what type of equitation it will be used for. Make sure your helmet has good ventilation and comfortable lining. You can safely ride in equitation events with confidence and security if you have the right helmet.


What material is best for a riding helmet

Your needs and preferences will determine the best material for your riding helmet. While traditional materials such as leather are durable and classic, modern materials like Kevlar provide lightweight protection and comfort.

How often should my riding helmet be replaced?

Most helmets need to be replaced approximately every 5-10 years depending on how frequently they are used. You should replace your helmet immediately if you see cracks or frayed straps.


It can be difficult to find the right riding helmet for horses, but it is possible. You can find the right helmet for you by considering fit, style, materials, and how it will feel when you ride. Do your research to find the right helmet for you.