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What to Consider When Buying a Riding Helmet for Eventing?

what to consider when buying a riding helmet for eventing


Event riders must be careful about what equipment they use when it comes to safety. Eventers need to ensure they have the correct helmet for their riding needs. This article will discuss the different features you should consider when purchasing a riding helmet for events. A few frequently asked questions will be answered about helmet selection and usage.

Safety Standards

When choosing a helmet for eventing, the first thing you should consider is its safety standards. Event helmets must meet ASTM/SEI safety standards. The certification is usually found on the product packaging or inside the helmet. You should ensure that the helmet is up to date with safety standards. Older helmets might not offer the same protection.

Fit and Comfort

After you have verified that the helmet meets safety standards, it is time to ensure that it fits correctly and comfortably. It should be snug on your head, but not too tight. The helmet shouldn’t move when you move your jaw or shake your head. Eventing is a physically demanding sport, so you want the helmet to be lightweight and breathable.


A helmet with adjustable features is a great way to ensure comfort. Many helmets come with adjustable padding and straps that can be adjusted to ensure a custom fit. Many helmets have removable liners that can easily be removed to clean the helmet.


When choosing a helmet for eventing, it is important to think about the design of your helmet. Eventers like helmets that are discreet and low-profile. They don’t want to be distracted while competing by bulky helmets. Eventers should ensure that their helmets are well ventilated as they might be riding in hot or humid conditions.


When buying a helmet for eventing, the last thing you should consider is its price. It is important to purchase a helmet that meets safety standards but you don’t want it to be too expensive. There are many helmets at different prices so you can find the one that suits your needs.


Safety is paramount when it comes to eventing. Make sure that you have the right helmet for your riding. Make sure your helmet meets all safety standards. It should fit properly and be comfortable. You should find a helmet that is lightweight, breathable, and has adjustable straps and padding to ensure a custom fit. Don’t forget to consider your budget when choosing a helmet. These tips will help you find the perfect riding helmet for your eventing needs.


What’s the difference between an eventing helmet versus a regular riding helmet, and how can you tell?

Eventing helmets provide additional protection for riders participating in the sport. These helmets are typically fitted with a stronger chin strap and adjustable padding to ensure a customized fit.

Do I have to change my helmet every time I fall?

You don’t have to replace your helmet every time you fall. After every fall, you should inspect your helmet for signs of wear or damage. It’s important to replace your helmet immediately if you find any damage. You should also replace your helmet every five year, no matter how damaged it is.

How do you clean your riding helmet?

A damp cloth with mild soap is the best way to clean your riding helmet. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive substances as they can cause damage to the helmet and decrease its effectiveness. To clean the exterior of the helmet and remove dirt and debris, you can use a vacuum. You can find more information at

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