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What to Consider When Buying a Riding Helmet for Horse Shows?

what to consider when buying a riding helmet for horse shows


No matter what level of experience, head safety is an important concern for all riders. Horse shows and competitions require a riding helmet. There are some important points to remember when buying a horse show riding helmet. The right helmet will ensure that you are safe and comfortable while still performing at your best. Continue reading to find out more about the factors to consider when purchasing a horse show riding helmet.

Safety Standards

Horse shows are a safe place to ride in a helmet. You should verify the helmet’s certification to ensure it meets the safety standards. Two organizations that can certify riding helmets are the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI). Both have strict requirements regarding helmet safety. Look for the SEI or ASTM seals of approval on your helmet.

Fit and Comfort

For any rider, a comfortable and well-fitting helmet is crucial. The helmet should be properly fitted to ensure it stays put while you ride and provides sufficient protection. Before you buy a helmet, measure your head circumference. There will be a variety of sizes available so that you can find the right size for your head. You should also ensure that the helmet you are wearing is comfortable. It is important that the helmet does not feel too loose or tight. This can cause you to lose focus and affect your performance. Before you purchase the helmet, make sure it fits correctly and comfortably.

Style and Design

You want your helmet to match your riding outfit in style and design. While the helmet should look great and be fashionable, it must also offer protection. You should look for helmets that have vents and visors. These will keep your head from getting too hot and protect it from the sun.


Visors are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun and debris. Visors can also provide additional protection for your face. Make sure you choose a helmet that has an adjustable visor and can be removed easily when it is not being used.


Vents are made to cool your head in hot weather and reduce fogging. You should look for helmets that have adjustable vents, which can be closed or opened depending on the weather.


It is crucial that the helmet weighs less than you. You should look for lightweight helmets that you can wear for extended periods of time.


Which riding helmet is best for horse shows?

A riding helmet that meets safety standards, is comfortable and secure, stylish, and light is the best for horse shows.

How often should my riding helmet be replaced?

Removing your helmet after three to five years is a good idea.


There are many things to take into consideration when buying a horse show riding helmet. You should ensure that the helmet is safe and comfortable. Look for helmets that have vents and visors to keep your head cool and protect your eyes. Make sure that the helmet is stylish and lightweight. You can be sure of your safety and comfort when competing in horse shows with the right helmet.