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What to Consider When Buying a Riding Helmet for Plus-Size Riders?

what to consider when buying a riding helmet for plus size riders


Although riding a horse can be thrilling, it can also be dangerous. It is important that riders use safety precautions when riding horses, particularly when wearing helmets. Finding the right riding helmet for plus-sized riders can be difficult. When shopping for a riding helmet, there are some important things to remember. We’ll be discussing what you should look for in a riding helmet that allows plus-size riders to enjoy safe rides.

Riding Helmet Safety Standards

When buying a helmet for a plus-size rider, it is important to ensure that it meets all safety standards. All riders can benefit from this, regardless of their size. Horse riding helmets must be certified by an organization that is recognized for safety standards, such as the British Horse Society (BHS) or the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM). To ensure riders are protected, it is important to replace riding helmets every three to five year.

Find the right fit

A properly fitting helmet is the second thing to look at when purchasing a riding helmet. The helmet must fit securely and snugly on the head. The helmet should fit snugly and securely on the head, with minimal movement when the rider moves. The helmet shouldn’t be too heavy, as it can cause neck strain. Before you buy a helmet, make sure to test it on several sizes and models.

Comfort and Ventilation

When buying a riding helmet, plus-size riders need to consider comfort and ventilation. To ensure that riders are comfortable and cool while riding, helmets for riding should be ventilated. They should also be light and comfortable, so that the helmet can be worn for longer periods of time.


Are helmets for riding safe?

Riding helmets are made to protect riders from injuries to the head. They should be certified by an organization that is recognized for safety standards.

How often should my riding helmet be replaced?

To ensure that riding helmets are effective in protecting riders, they should be changed every three to five year.


It is important to take into account safety standards, proper fit and ventilation when buying a riding helmet that suits plus-sized riders. These guidelines will ensure that plus-size riders enjoy their rides safely, comfortably, and in a safe manner. Find out more about buying a riding helmet suitable for plus-sized riders.

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