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Old Gringo Boots – Where are they Made?

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Ever wondered where old gringo boots are made? When it comes to finding a unique boot that stands out from the crowd, Old Gringo is always at the top of our list of options. Old Gringo boots are the ultimate of “designer western” style, since they push the boundaries of traditional western clothing.

The Old Gringo brand, which was founded in 2000, may be one of the most recent to emerge, but the craftsmanship that drives the brand is the result of decades of experience. Ernie Tarut (also known as the “Old Gringo”) and Yan Ferry came together to establish this instantly recognizable trademark.

Tarut has 30 years of experience in leather manufacturing, and Ferry has a background in European design and boot making, so it’s no surprise that the Old Gringo brand covers all the bases—vintage, contemporary, rock star, and European style, using every modern styling technique—including stitch, studs, and leather work—in every collection.

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Brand Overview – Old Gringo

It was chosen by the creators of Old Gringo Brand to bring together Yan’s bootmaking and design talents with Ernie’s 30 years of leather manufacturing experience in order to develop remarkable style and quality footwear.

Old Gringo established its first workshop in the autumn of 2000, and six months later, the company launched its first product range, which included original, vintage, and retro designs. A single purpose guided the founding of Old Gringo: to create western horse riding boots and footwear that combined the highest-quality materials with the knowledge and experience of skilled craftspeople.

Using a 110-step process, each Old Gringo boot is delicately produced by skilled artisans. Old Gringo produces and tans its own leather in order to meet the high requirements of its cowboy boot designs. This results in each Old Gringo boot having a distinct texture, color, and finish due to the handcrafted nature of the leather.

An excellent blend of western design and pure flair, old Gringo boots are a must-have. Old Gringo Western boots have been well-received since its introduction, owing to the company’s dedication to enticing designs and unmatched manufacturing.

Below are some of the top Old Gringo boots that you can find:


Old gringo boots


Handmade, with 100% leather.

Key Features:
-Sturdy Leather Pull Tabs on the sides
-Distressed Finish on the leather
-Burnished Finish on the Sole
-Smooth Leather Lining with Soft leather insole
-Leather outsole with a rubber heel cap

2. Double D Ranch by Old Gringo Women’s Fashion Boot

The making of gringo boots
Double D Ranch by Old Gringo Women’s Fashion Boot


Key Features:

Model: DDL076-1
Color: Bone
Toe: Sintino 4Long
Heel: Sintino
Height: 16″

So, Where are Old Gringo Boots Made?

Old Gringo boots are created entirely in Mexico, a nation that is well-known for its long tradition of producing boots and other footwear. Old Gringo creates a wide range of boot styles, ranging from western to modern designs, by following the most recent fashion trends.

Stumps, stitching, and zippers are just a few of the tiny details that Old Gringo takes pride in. They also provide distinctive designs that are crafted with one-of-a-kind leather finishes, sophisticated stitch patterns, and rare materials that you won’t find anywhere else except with them.

Are Old Gringo Boots Worth Buying?

However, regardless the hefty price tag, Old Gringo boots are of great quality and have distinctive patterns. Each boot is meticulously handmade by Old Gringo’s teams of skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality materials.

When you look at any Old Gringo pair of boots, you will be astonished by the boot designs and artworks created by Old Gringo. A unique embroidered design is featured on each pair of shoes, which is influenced by western tradition, modern fashion, vintage, rock stars, equestrian fashion, and European style. These boots integrate elements from a range of different cultures to create an appealing pair of western cowboy boots with a western flair.

Every pair of Old Gringo boots is manufactured in up to 225 stages, each of which is methodically perfected by the craftsmen. The boots are also crafted of high-quality leather to complement the aesthetic of each design, allowing the skin’s color, texture, and finishes to be seen to their full potential.

Old Gringo, in particular, has a selection of ‘Benchmark State Boots,’ which is certain to wow you the most. Each pair of boots in the collection represents a different American state, with images of landscape, history, monuments, and other notable state emblems being expertly tooled. Every pair of boots also includes the state’s name, seal, flag, and map, all of which are unique to that particular state.

According to Old Gringo, every component has been carefully considered in order to connect with the cultures and people of the various states. As is typical for Old Gringo Boots, the boots in this series are handmade from high-quality leather, but these boots are particularly noteworthy because of the time and work that went into hand-tooling the state emblems.