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Who Should Wear Spurs When Riding Horses?

who should wear spurs when riding horses


Horse riders use spurs to communicate their commands and help them ride. Who should wear spurs while riding horses? This article will discuss the purpose of spurs and the types of riders that should and shouldn’t wear them. It will also address safety concerns when using spurs.

Different types of spurs

There are many types of spurs available and they can be made for different riders. A flat-roweled spur is the most popular type. This spur is for riders who do not use leg aids. Flat-roweled spurs have a round end that fits over the horse’s boot heel, and a rowel or wheel at the end that is pressed against his side. This spur is ideal for beginners who just want to learn how to ride. The curved-roweled spur is another type of spur. This is for experienced riders who use stronger leg aids. The curved rowel presses harder against the horse’s side, and it is more effective when used only by experienced riders.

Safety considerations

It is important to remember not to abuse or use spurs in a dangerous way. The horse should be given gentle, light cues by spurs. They should not be used to cause distress or pain. It is also important to make sure that spurs are properly fitted and that they do not exceed the boot of the rider.

Who should wear spurs?

Riders who are skilled and experienced in using leg aids will most likely wear spurs. These riders are able to communicate with horses and use their legs to guide them. As they are still learning the basics of riding, beginners should not wear spurs. They may not be able control their spurs correctly and might not know how to use them. Riders who are able to read and understand the horse’s body language should not wear spurs. Although spurs can be a great tool for communicating with horses, they can also cause confusion and distress if the rider doesn’t understand the horse.


  • Should all riders have spurs? Not at all. Only experienced riders should wear spurs. They must be able to read the horse’s body language and use leg aids. Spurs should not be worn by beginners.
  • Are spurs dangerous?

    If not properly used, spurs can pose a danger to horses. You should use them in a gentle and non-abusive way. They should not be used to cause pain to horses.


Experienced riders with the ability to use leg aids and read the horse’s body language will find spurs an invaluable tool. Although spurs can be a great tool for communicating with horses, they should not be used to cause them pain or distress. As beginners are still learning how to ride and might not be able control spurs properly, beginner riders shouldn’t wear them. While spurs can be a useful tool when used properly, they should only ever be worn by skilled riders who know how to safely and correctly use them.

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