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Why Should You Use a Breastplate When Riding Horses?

why should you use a breastplate when riding horses


Horses have been around for centuries as a means of transportation and recreation. Horses are used for many activities, including riding, jumping and racing. To protect the horse and rider while riding a horse, it’s important to have the correct equipment and tack. A breastplate is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. A breastplate attaches to the horse’s saddle and holds the saddle in place while the horse is moving. We will be discussing the reasons why a breastplate is important when riding horses.

What is a Breastplate?

A breastplate is an item of equipment used to attach the saddle to the horse’s back. It is made up of bands or straps of nylon or leather that attach to the saddle and wrap around the horse’s chest. The breastplate stops the saddle from sliding to one side or the other, which can pose a danger for the horse as well as the rider. There are many styles and designs of breastplates, depending on what type of riding you do and your horse’s size.

Use a breastplate to get the best of both worlds

A breastplate is a great option for horses riding. These are the top benefits of a breastplate when riding horses:


Safety is one of the greatest benefits of wearing a breastplate while riding. The breastplate keeps the saddle in place, prevents shifting and prevents the rider from losing balance. The breastplate helps keep the saddle in its proper position so that the rider can stay in it.

Saddle Slippage Prevention

A breastplate also helps prevent saddle slippage. Slippage in the saddle can make the rider feel uncomfortable, and it can also cause stress or agitation for the horse. The breastplate keeps the saddle in its correct position and prevents it slipping or shifting.

More Control

A breastplate can also help the rider have more control over their horse. The breastplate can keep the saddle in the correct position, and it can also help the rider maintain balance and stability. This will make it easier for riders to control horses and improve riding experience.


A breastplate is an important piece of equipment that every rider should have. It can keep the saddle in the correct position and prevent slippage. It can also keep the rider safer and allow them to exercise greater control over their horse. It is essential to wear a breastplate while riding horses.


What’s the purpose of a brace?

A breastplate serves two purposes: to fix the saddle to the horse’s back, and to keep it in the correct position. The breastplate helps prevent the saddle from shifting or slipping, which can pose a danger to both the horse as well as the rider.

What are the various types of breastplates available?

There are many types of breastplates, depending on horse size and shape. The most popular types of breastplates are the traditional English, standing martingale, and running martingale.

Where can I get more information on breastplates

You can find more information on breastplates at www.breastplates.com


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